My Best Friend

Dylan O' Brian is my best friend and went to California for a month to finish his new movie and came back with my worst nightmare.


2. Who is she?

Its been a month and I am standing in the airport waiting for Dylan to get off of the plane. I was so excited I missed him like crazy! I saw him walk out from the plane and I ran up to him and attacked him with a hug.

Dylan: I missed you Stell

Me: I missed you to

Dylan: I have someone I want you to meet.

Then a tall fake boobed Barbie blonde haired girl who was wearing a tight red dress and spiked pumps came walking out.

What the hell?

Dylan: Meet Ashley

Me: Hi Ashley nice to meet you

Ashley: I wish I could say the same but you were just hanging all over my boyfriend.

Dylan: Be nice this is Stella my best friend

Ashley: Ohhhh I am soo sorry you are Stella. Dylan has told me tons about you. I thought you were just another crazy whore of a fan.

Me: (she pulled me into a hug an whispered into my ear back the fuck off my boyfriend) Guys my car is in the front.

Dylan: Great! Stella you can come over when we get to my apartment, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Me: sounds good

We got to Dylans apartment and when he opened the door the lights turned on and all of our friends and family jumped out of their hiding spots and yell surprise.

Dylan: Stella did you put this together?

Me: yeah I figured you needed a warm welcome after being gone for so long.

Dylan: that is so sweet!

He hugged me and said thanks.

While Dylan was walking around talking to everyone Ashley followed him around like a lost puppy dog. No one seemed to ask who she was.

The party was a lot of fun and when everyone left Dylan offered me a ride home.

Ashley was passed out on the couch so she didn't come with. The car ride was a bit awkward at first.

Me: So how did you guys meet

Dylan: She's actually my co star in The First Time and we just connected.

Me: I knew she was familiar looking

Dylan: I am surprised you didn't know we were together before I told you because the media has been crazy lately.

Me: I hate the media and I missed you too much so I couldn't watch all the news updates.

Dylan: Aww

Me: You never called me

D: I know I am sorry I got so busy and every night I was with Ashley so I just forgot.

M: I get it you were busy.

D: HEy where did that bruise on you cheek come from?

M: I fell....

D: You are lying what really happened?

M: Nathan was drunk and you know how he gets when..

D: No Stella he hits you. You have to dump him.

M: I know I know


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