My Best Friend

Dylan O' Brian is my best friend and went to California for a month to finish his new movie and came back with my worst nightmare.


7. The Make Up

We finished our Taco Bell and we got a ride back to my house.

Me: You want to come in? It's only 7 so we could watch movies or something.

Shawn: That be cool.

We got in and I plopped my stuff on my kitchen table. Shawn walked into the living room to look for some movies to watch.

?: Shawn?!

Shawn:Dylan? What are you doing here?

D: I should ask you the same question.

Me: Dylan what are you doing here?

D: I came to apologize but it looks like you're busy with this jack ass.

Me: Dylan go home. Why did you come here?

D: I told you I came to apologize.

Me: I bet you just took a break from screwing your new girlfriend and you wanted to come by and see that Nathan didn't actually murder me.

D: No Stella I really am sorry. You're my boo. I miss our movie Monday cuddle nights. I miss talking to your forever. I don't want to fight. I am truly sorry for not going with you to break up with Nathan. I was supposed to be there for you like I always have.

That broke me. I couldn't ever be mad at Dylan for more than a day. The last time I was mad was when he wouldn't let me see Shawn. I stayed mad for 23 hours and we made up.

I walked up to him and he gave me a bear hug. I needed that.

Dylan: I am sooo sorry Stel.

Me: It's ok. I missed you too.

Shawn: *clears throat* Um how's it going Dylan? I got um help since I last talked to you.

Me: Help?

Dylan: Nothing. Good did you manipulate Stella into going out with you?

Me: DYLAN!! 

Shawn: No I actually was there when she broke up with Nathan. I asked her out and she said yes.

Me: What do you mean by help?

Shawn: HE didn't tell you did he?

Me: Tell me what?

Shawn: What did Dylan tell you what happened between us?

Me: He told me that night he pulled me away from you at the club that you were really drunk and you were an angry drunk. Then Dylan ran back inside and when he came out he had a bloody nose and told me I couldn't see you anymore.

Shawn: I was doing heroin and I was planning on killing you because I thought you felt feelings for Dylan and I was jealous. I then told Dylan that at the club that night and he immediately grabbed you and left. I thought he wasn't coming back, but when I turned around Dylan punched me in the jaw. I then got up and punched him back. He turned around and punched me again hard enough to knock me out. When I woke up on the curb outside of the club the next morning I went straight to the emergency room to be put into a rehab center. I have been sober since that night. I have Dylan to thank for it. I was just to afraid to approach you.

I didn't know what to think. I was scared because I didn't know he planned to kill me. I was grateful for Dylan and now felt bad for getting mad. I was also happy he got help. I guess I did jump off of a building with him. If he wanted me to die he could have killed me then. I think I could trust him.

Me: So you don't want to murder me?

Shawn: No I promise you it was the drugs talking. I was jealous though because I had feelings for you and I knew I couldn't have you until I was right in the head.

Me: Good. I already dated a psycho and I don't want to go through that again.\

Shawn: I promise you are safe.

Me: OK good :)

Dylan: You aren't mad at me for not telling you the truth Stel?

Me: OH gosh no. You were just looking out for me. I am glad you were there for me that night. And Dylan?

D: Yeah?

Me: Can you leave we are kind of still on our date?

Shawn: You still want to date?

Me: As long as you don't kill me. ;)

D: So I will call you later Stella. See ya Shawn.

Me: So what did you pick out?

Shawn: I know this is kind of girly but I wanted to watch the last song.

Me: That's adorable. We can watch it as long as you promise to be my cuddle buddy.

Shawn: I promise.


We finished the movie and we untangled ourselves from each other. (not in that way)

I walked him to my door.

Shawn: That was fun. So you want to do a second date?

Me: Yeah that'd be fun.

He hugged me and when we pulled apart ours eyes met. My stomach started to feel butterflies, my palms started to sweat and as he leaned in I could feel his warm breath on my lips. Finally our lips touched. It was warm and special. It was an amazing kiss just no fireworks. Maybe a sparkler or two but no fireworks.

(On the phone with Dylan)

M: Hey Dylan.

D: Hey Stella how'd it go?

M: It was so amazing. We watched The Last Song and cuddled and then we kissed and he left. He wants to go on a second date.

D: That' I mean awesome.

M: Yeah So double date? We all could go dancing or something? Not like clubbing but a nice place for anything but fist pumping and twerking.

D: Yeah how about tomorrow night?

M: Ok. and Dyl?

D: Yeah?

M: Thanks for coming back.

D: I couldn't ever leave you Stella. Goodnight.

M: Goodnight Dylan.






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