My Best Friend

Dylan O' Brian is my best friend and went to California for a month to finish his new movie and came back with my worst nightmare.


6. The Date?

Shawn: Whats up with that dude that stormed out of here?

Me: Um that is my now ex-boyfriend.

Shawn: Oh...he took it well

Me: Better than I thought

Shawn: What happened to your uh face?

Me: thanks

Shawn: oh I didn't mean it like that, you just look like someone beat you.

Me: Nathan did.

Shawn: Oh my gosh I am so sorry I shouldn't have joked about that.

Me: Shawn it's fine.

Shawn: So where is Dylan? Last time I saw you guys you were inseparable.

Me: When did you see us last?

Shawn: About a month ago at the mall. I wasn't sure it was you and as you know Dylan doesn't exactly like me very much so I didn't come over and say hi.

Me: He went to film a movie in California and came back with his slutty girlfriend Ashley and when he saw my bruises he took me to the emergency room. Then we got in a fight because he wouldn't come with me when I wanted to break up with Nathan. I needed his support but he was too worried about going home and screwing Ashley.

Shawn: Wow. If we were still talking I would have came with you in a heart beat.

Me: I wish I could believe that.

Shawn: What do you mean?

Me: Dylan my rock and my best friend and the one I trusted with my life doesn't even care about me. How am I supposed to believe you?

Shawn: Meet me at the PTF office building on 2nd avenue at 5 and I will prove you can trust me.

Me: What do I wear?

Shawn: Wear something you would wear around the house.

Me: ok Can I get that hug now?

He pulled me into a hug and he smelled so good!

He released and said "I'm glad we talked today. :) see you at five"

I started to leave and he ran up to me.

Shawn: Hey can I have your number?

Me: yeah here. See you at five.

With that I walked out the door.

I walked home excited to see what Shawn had planned. I got out my phone dialing Dylan's number excited to tell him that I saw Shawn and realized we were fighting so I stuffed my phone back in my pocket. 

It was 4:30 when I got home and I wasn't sure if I should eat something because all Shawn said was to dress casual and meet him at the PTF.

I texted him.

Me: Hey should I eat before I come?

Shawn: um No cant wait for you to see your surprise ;)

Me: I can't wait either! :)

I put on a pair of jeans and a black pink Floyd t-shirt.

I then grabbed my keys and my phone and left.


I got to the PTF and saw Shawn's dad standing there. He told me to walk in, go to the elevator and hit the "top floor" button.

I wonder why the top floor.

 I got to the top and saw a bunch of guys standing at the edge of the building with a lot  of  harnesses and ropes.

I started to turn around. There was no way I was bungee jumping off of a skyscraper! I turned around and bumped into Shawn.

Shawn: OH no you aren't backing out on me.

Me: No you don't get it I'm terrified of heights.

Shawn: I know but I want your trust so when you come out of this alive you can trust me. As long as I am around nothing will happen to you.

Me: I can't do this!

Shawn: I am going to do it with you.

Me: You have done this before?

Shawn: I do this as a second job.

Me: you jump off of buildings?

Shawn: haha no I test bungee jumping gear.

Me: So you're making me test gear that could potentially be faulty and kill me?

Shawn: No I tested this stuff already. It's safe. Don't worry I will do it with you and we will be strapped together, so if the harness breaks we will die together.

Me: Not funny!

Shawn: Come on.

A bunch of dudes started strapping stuff on me and before I could get a protest Shawn had my hand and we were hooked together standing at the edge of a skyscraper waiting to plunge to our death.

I was shaking and not sure if you was even going to have to jump I was just going to fall.

Shawn: I am going to count to three ad we will jump. Ok?

Me: I don't know if....

Shawn: One  Two Three!

Shawn pulled me off the building and we were falling together. It was such a cool feeling! I felt like I was flying. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him smiling at me.

We finally got to the ground and I was relieved but also sad that it was over.

Shawn: So Stella, trust me?

Me: I didn't die so you moved up in my level of trust.

Shawn: I promise even if you are falling I will be there with you every step of the way.

Me:Soooo Food??

Shawn: ha-ha you haven changed a bit. Taco bell?










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