My Best Friend

Dylan O' Brian is my best friend and went to California for a month to finish his new movie and came back with my worst nightmare.



Dylan O' Brian is my best friend forever and ever and ever and ever and ever or so I thought.

 One month ago Dylan got a call form his manager telling him h had to finish one more scene for The First Time. He had to leave for a whole month. That meant a whole month of Movie Monday cuddle nights and fantastic Friday dance party's for two by myself. He was my other half. Now what was I supposed to do? They filmed the whole movie in Florida and now he has to leave to California?

*At the airport*

Dylan: Stella I promise we will have as many movie cuddle nights as you want when we get back.

Me: I am going  to miss you so much.

D: *pulls me into a hug* You will always be my BFAEAEAEAE

Me: You promise?

D: I promise. I will miss you. I will call you when I get to the hotel.

Me: Ok

I released myself from his bear hug and waved goodbye with a frown on my  face.

I got back to my apartment and called my boyfriend Nathan.

Me: Hey babe

N: What?! I'm kind of busy

Me: want to come over?

N: I am practicing my curveball. Maybe later

Me: OK lov*he hangs up* you (sigh)

He is in pro baseball and is always busy. Plus he hates Dylan so I never get to see him.

Well I guess I am alone tonight. I plopped down on the couch and flipped on the TV. It was Starstruck news. ~Dylan O' Brian landed in L.A. earlier and was mobbed my a crowd or screaming girls. Here are pictures of him at the hotel hugging his love interest in the movie. Are they dating? That would be so cute!~

I flipped it off and just sat there staring at my phone.

Why hasn't he called me?

*knock Knock*

I walked to the door and Nathan was standing there.

Nathan: Hey babe *kisses my cheek*

ME: hey I thought you were busy?

N: it's been three hours since you called me so practice ended. Where's pretty boy?

Me: He is in California

N: So lets go out then.

Me: lets just watch a movie or something

N: Come on the fag isn't here to ruin our fun.

Me: he isn't a fag and I will be down in ten.

N: wear something easy to get off.


I got dressed in a black strapless dress with a black pair of pumps. No makeup and my hair was already straightened.

N: Damn! I'd tap that!!

M: lets go

He drove me to the club. They really aren't my scene but oh well at least I get to spend time with Nathan. I don't drink so I stuck to water. Nathan pulled me to the dance floor and started grinding on me. he whispered in my ear

N: I want you so bad.

I could smell the vodka in his breath. He gets abusive when he's drunk so I went along with his pervy actions.

I basically carried him to the car and I drove him home. I helped him out and he yanked me into his house. HE thrust me on the wall and started kissing me roughly. It was unpleasant and slobbery. I tried to pushed off. HE then turned to me and punched me in the jaw.


I left and got a cab home. I got home dropped onto my bed and fell asleep.



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