My Best Friend

Dylan O' Brian is my best friend and went to California for a month to finish his new movie and came back with my worst nightmare.


3. Double

We got to my apartment and we said our goodbyes.

How could he like someone so horrible? She was so fake and I know she doesn't like me.

I looked at my phone and saw 8 missed calls and 1 voicemail from Nathan. I listened to the voicemail "Whats up bitch? I heard pretty boy is back in town. Why do you hang out with that fag? You better call me back or you will be in for a real beating when I see you next."

Great more bruises! Maybe I can make a double date with Dylan Ashley Nathan and I. That way he will have a harder time hitting me. I hit 1 and it dialed Dylans number. HE picked up after the first ring.

D: Whats up Stell?

Me: I was wondering if you would want to double tomorrow?

D: yeah sure that'd be awesome.

Me: 2 sound good?

D: yeah goodnight lovely

Me: Goodnight Dylan

I got into my pajamas and went to bed. I was pretty exhausted.

I woke up at noon and called Nathan.

N: what?

Me: Want to double with Dylan and Ashley?

N: Time?

Me: 2

N: K. Pick me up

Me: um can we meet at Dylans?

N: yeah whatever bye


Well he doesn't seem as angry as last night. I got dresses in a knee high floral patterned dark blue dress with a pair of blue flats. I put my hair in a pony tail, grabbed my keys and my phone and headed out the door. I got to Dylan's and walked in on Dylan and Ashley shirtless making out on the kitchen table. Nice.

Dylan: ahhhh um Stella heh so um I'm going to get ready and Ashley is going to put her shirt back on. Then we can go when Nathan gets here.

Me: ok haha that was awkward

Ashley: Mind knocking next time you perv. You cant just walk in on people like that!

~knock knock~

Me: That's Nathan. Hey babe I missed you.

Nathan pulled me into a hug and said "Just because your are with your friends doesn't mean you are safe. Wait until we get home."

Ashley walked up and stuck her hand out for Nathan to shake and said "I'm Ashley Nice to meet you."

Nathan "pleasures mine (winks)"

Dylan walked in and cleared his throat. "you guys ready"

Me: yep. I was thinking Diddles Diner?

Dylan: YES!!!

Nathan: whatever.

Ashley: I don't eat carbs.

We all piled into Dylan's car. It was a pretty awkward car ride no one talked, so Dylan turned on the radio and Say Something by Austin Mahone came on. That was Dylan and I's jam. We started belting out the chorus while Nathan and Ashley sat there staring.

We got to the diner and got seated. I sat next to Nathan and across from Dylan. Dylan sat next to Ashley who sat across from Nathan.

The waiter took our orders and Nathan broke the silence.

N: So Dylballs whos the new bimbo?

D: This LADY is my girlfriend. I met her in L.A. She was my love interest in the movie.

N: I bet its going to suck just as much as your others.

D: thanks Natwhore really appreciate your words of support.

Me: OK! Look foods here!

Ashley: I am not a bimbo all the time. Gosh. Does a salad have carbs?

D: You are perfect the way you are it shouldn't matter.

A: you say that until I gain 20 pounds

D: whatever why can't you ever take my compliments?

Nathan: I cant wait to get you out of that sexy dress Stella mmmm

D: come on bro have some class

N: bro she's a bitch so she doesn't deserve my class

D: You are an ass.

Maybe a double date wasn't such a good idea.



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