The Order of The McNax

my name is Maddy Mary McNax, my family and aborted others are fitting an evil scientist, or at least we think he is a scientist. one day a man named Dumbledore shows up telling us that Dr. Voldemort isn't a scientist at all but a dark wizard. will our two orders stop him or will this all go bad? -completed-


1. the pick up

My name is Maddy Mary McNax. I am a 12 year old that is running a revolution. Here is the story. I was standing on the beach, just watching the ocean, and smelling the salty water. The silent air was broken by the loud sound of a helicopter. I knew that my parents had come to pick me up. I am a spy. I don't have a real home, friends, or know any of my family, not including my parents, brother, Malcume Mex who is 10, and sister, May Jane who is 8. We were going to the pacific islands to meet the rest of the Order. The Order (officially The Order of The McNax it was called that by choice of the members as the McNax's ran the Order) was trying to stop the up rising of an evil scientist, Dr. Voldemort.

When I got in the copter I saw my parents and siblings, just because I was the oldest doesn't mean I have to always be the last to be picked up. It was good to see MJ and Malcume. I love my little brother and sister.

I absolutely HATE riding in the copter. It was so loud and unsteady.

"What happened to you? You look horrible" MJ always asked the questions every one wanted to know, but not ask. "Oh, that. I had a run in with Voldemort's goons. It wasn't very fun." I answered this with a smile.

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