The Order of The McNax

my name is Maddy Mary McNax, my family and aborted others are fitting an evil scientist, or at least we think he is a scientist. one day a man named Dumbledore shows up telling us that Dr. Voldemort isn't a scientist at all but a dark wizard. will our two orders stop him or will this all go bad? -completed-


3. The Order Of The Phenix

The man Dumbledore told me the we were going to aperate to the Order of the Phenix. I felt like I was being compressed into a small thing and could barely breath.

"Who is this?" An average hight woman with red hair.

"Maddy Mary McNax. I'm representing the Order of the McNax. And you are?" I answered the woman.

"My name is Lilly potter, this is my husband James, and good friend Sirius." Lilly was pointing at two men next to her, one tall with glasses and black hair, the other also tall with long curly hair.

"Maddy is 12 and is going to help win this war. She is a Muggle but has a witch in her family, her sister May Jane." Dumbledore said.

"MJ is a WITCH!!!" I exclaimed. "Now that I have that out of the way, how can I help?" I asked this calmly and loudly.

"We are trying to recruit as many people to fight with us. We have a small group willing to fight and two new born babies." Dumbledore said.

"I am now a member of the Order of the Phenix." I said this as a statement not a question.


If your reading this please comment. Tell me how I could make this better, and if you like it. Thanks Ravenclawgirl3

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