The Order of The McNax

my name is Maddy Mary McNax, my family and aborted others are fitting an evil scientist, or at least we think he is a scientist. one day a man named Dumbledore shows up telling us that Dr. Voldemort isn't a scientist at all but a dark wizard. will our two orders stop him or will this all go bad? -completed-


5. hiding and a baby

"Maddy, would you like to go with Lilly and Alice?" Dumbledore was speaking quietly.

"Yes! I would love to. There going to the same place?" All these words came out in a rush but Dumbledore understood.

"No you can go with one or the other."

"Honey, you should go with Alice, will need you more then I will. I'll be fine, we can write." Lilly had come up behind us.

"If that's what you want then, I'll go with Alice and Frank."


July 30th

"Mary get the Floo Powder! I need to get to St. Mugdos fast. The baby is coming!"

I ran as fast as i could. Alice was having a baby!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ few hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Alice he looks like the two of you a perfect mix!" Augusta Longbottom, Franks mom, said with lots of gusto.

"What are you going to name him?" I asked as I stared into 'baby boy's' eyes. He was so cute! Just like when MJ was born I was as happy as humanly possible.

"Neville, after my grandfather." Alice answered.


Authors note:

Hi ya! Hope your enjoying reading Maddy's story. Please comment on what I could do better and what you like. Also I need 3 girls and 3 boys so the first 3 of each will be in the story I just need the name and the basic character traits. Please comment, like and favorite(only if you want to)!

Hufflepuff3 ! :)

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