The Order of The McNax

my name is Maddy Mary McNax, my family and aborted others are fitting an evil scientist, or at least we think he is a scientist. one day a man named Dumbledore shows up telling us that Dr. Voldemort isn't a scientist at all but a dark wizard. will our two orders stop him or will this all go bad? -completed-


2. head quarters

When we finally got to headquarters i was very happy. Hq was in the middle of a bairn deserted island. it was perfect. Sun, beaches, the ocean was even calm in places just off of the coast. when i stepped into the building i was almost tackled by my best friend, and fellow spy, Nily, Nily Natily Nedy, her parents have a thing for N's.

I also saw a tall man with a long white beard, electric blue eyes and half moon spectacles. " Can I have your attention?" My dad was speaking," this is Profeccer Albus Dumbledore. He has in formed me that Dr. Voldemort is a doctor at all, he is a wizard. He is trying to rule the world and get rid of all non magical people."

"I will fight with you if it stops Voldemort faster. I don't want war I want this all to end. How can I help?"

"What is your name? I like you." Dumbledore asked "Maddy, Maddy Mary McNax."

" Can Maddy come and meet The Phenix? Your are a little young but you have some good qualities." Dumbledore asked this to my dad but I answered, " Yes it will help I'm sure."

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