WANTED:discords bride (mlp fanfic)

Discord and pinkie are getting married but a miss understanding turns pinkie away into the everfree forest...


1. the ceromony

Held pinkies hand and gently stroked her lower back "you look very beautiful my bride" discord soothed her she was worried about the wedding what if twilight got the spells wrong what if the dress rarity made tore what if there was a worm in the cider what if rainbow couldn't make it because she had last minute training with the wonder bolts what if fluttershy was to scared to be the maid of honour what if spike drops the ring what if "pinkie calm down everything will be fine these are your friends they would never hurt you now get dressed I'll see at the chapel" discord placed a kiss on pinkies cheek and silently shut the door as soon as discord left pinkie got into the dress and looked at herself in the mirror suddenly pinkie saw Celestia

"Oh pinkie he only wants your money he loves me and I love him!" Her voice was sharp

"No it's not you it's in my head!?" Shouted pinkie to her mirror the images of the princess flickered as rarity trotted in holding a dress and some jewelry


Discord was behind a curtain talking to the princess he had invited her though pinkie tried to change his mind "princess I will see you after the honeymoon" pinkie was nearly in tears discords image flickered and suddenly he was holding her shoulder "hello miss pie" he said...

Bronies and pegasisters stand up xox


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