WANTED:discords bride (mlp fanfic)

Discord and pinkie are getting married but a miss understanding turns pinkie away into the everfree forest...


5. close call

Pinkie woke to the sound of hoofsteps she knew her friends had got a lead on her she dug a tunnel in the side of her hole her hoofs bled and ached but she couldn't face him

"You could wipe him from the blackboard of life and then that hideous princess would never hold him in her petty little hoofs"said a sickening voice that sounded like a dead flat type of pinkie

"Y-Yes but I love him I I do don't I?" Replied pinkie suddenly pinkie heard a voice

"I can feel her she's close" it was twilight

"Down there!" Cried rainbow dash pointing obviously at pinkies hiding place pinkie suddenly became limp she closed her eyes and used the trick she learn once to conceal her heartbeat rainbow flew into the hole and grabbed pinkie and carried her out twilight checked her over bandaging her hoofs when fluttershy cried out

"HER HEARTS NOT BEATING!!" With terror this was to much for discord he dropped to his knees and desperately started CPR this tickled pinkie suddenly her hair bounced up and she giggled "pinkie!" Cried fluttershy but pinkie didn't trust them

"Pinkie we don't need to know why you left whether it was nerves or something else but we can go back clean you up and restart the ceremony or not it's your choice" said twilight sensible and soothing as always pinkie made her decision

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