What happened after: I'm Ginny Weasley

this is Ginny's story. what happened after Harry defeated Voldemort. Some of the things in here aren't totally accurate, sorry.


8. The Big Day

When the day finally came I could barely stay still. In the dressing room Luna, Hermione, and Fleur were putting on their pleasant lavender brides maids dresses. Mum helped me get into my dress. 

As I walked down the isle I could see every one I ever know, the whole Weasley bunch, the former Order of the Phoenix, our Hogwarts friends, it was very nice to see them all after so long. 

"Do you Ginevra Molly Weasley take Harry James Potter as your wedded husband," "Yes." "Do you Harry James Potter take Ginevra Molly Weasley as your wedded wife," "Yes." " I now pronounce you Husband and wife." We kissed a long and wonderful kiss. 

That first night was almost weird. We were all so use to Harry being a round, but now he was part of the family , officially.





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