What happened after: I'm Ginny Weasley

this is Ginny's story. what happened after Harry defeated Voldemort. Some of the things in here aren't totally accurate, sorry.


9. Over Time

Harry and I were going to move to 12 Grimmauld Place. We both thought it would be a good place to start a family. Of course we would have to get rid of Mrs. Black and clean the place up first. 

Harry was half way though his Auror training and I just started writing Quidditch for the Prophet. Hermione, who was at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, already had removed a number of the pure-blood laws and was working hard. Ron was still working with George, though not for much longer since he was to start Aruor training. 

 The whole family was coming for dinner for the first time since we moved into number 12. "This place looks bloody good." Ron had just walked in to the house. " Ginny, Harry how on earth did you get this place to look so nice. When it was head quarters and when I tried to get rid of all the grime it was almost impossible." Mum had just walked in. " And what did you do to get rid of Mrs. Black?" "Well it wasn't easy, but we finally did manage to get it done." I was smiling now it was so good to have every one at the house. 

That was the first night that Harry, Teddy, and I stayed at the house. It brought back lots of memories, some good some bad.

Teddy was growing rapidly and was a vary happy one and a half year old. Harry was now a Auror. He was doing great, and already put multiple Death Eaters in Azkaban.Life was good.................

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