What happened after: I'm Ginny Weasley

this is Ginny's story. what happened after Harry defeated Voldemort. Some of the things in here aren't totally accurate, sorry.


12. James Sirius Potter

I was getting very fat and knew I was going to have the baby any day now.

"The baby is kicking." I told Hermione. She loved feeling the baby kick.

"I think this time it might be more than kicking, I think I'm going to have the baby today. Get Harry." I said this last part frantically.

"Gin you need to breath, everything will be ok. Your mum and dad are on their way, Me,Ron and Harry are here. You'll be ok." Hermione told me this very sternly.

-2 hours later-

"Harry he looks just like you. But with my eyes." After two hours I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy boy. This was the first time Harry saw him and he was in awe.

"Our third grandson. He is so beautiful. Ginny can I hold him?" Mum said this quietly since James was a sleep. I handed him to mum.

Then Hermione took the baby and was admiring him,"My dear Godson,Ron, Come and see!" and Ron admired him too.

James Sirius Potter, my baby, was beautiful. He laughed, smiled, and was as happy as a new born could be.

A few days later..........

Hermione was at the house at all times to help me with everything. She was excellent with James. That was good because I had been very tired lately and slept almost as much as Ron ate.

Every thing was going great, I was surrounded by my best friends and family. Fred II and James were getting along great. Both of them together,reminded us all a lot about how James and Sirius were or according to me how Fred and George were. It was so cute to see them do all the naughty stuff together already. 



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