Say Something

Say Something; Louis is in a relationship with Eleanor, but was forced into marriage. Louis and Kim were forced into marrying eachother. When marrying Louis, she changes her look to make herself look unattractive and acts clueless. The real Kim is into school, has good manners and respect, but sometimes carries a bad attitude when people are rude to her, not to mention, her parents own the MGM in Las Vegas. Louis on the other hand, was an out going guy who loves to spend 24/7 with his girlfriend Eleanor that Kim doesn't know of. One day Louis and Eleanor were arguing in public and Kim saw and defended Louis. Louis fell in love with the real Kim, but little does he know... He's been married to her.


1. Welcome To The Tomlinson's

Louis: *walks thru the doors* 

Johanna: Hey son. 

Louis: *smiles* Hey mom. 

Johanna: Can we talk?  

Louis: About what mom? What's wrong? 

Johanna: I got an email from someone in Vegas and they want you to marry their daughter. 

Louis: *laughs* Me? Marry their daughter? Mom, you know I have a girlfriend. And who is this person you speak of? 

Johanna: I don't know them, but you can't really back out because... She's already on her way here. 

Louis: On? On the way! Mom! 

Johanna: I agreed son. 

Louis: What?! Why! 

Johanna: We need the money. 

Louis: Mom, I have the money! 

Johanna: But not enough. 

Louis: How much? 

Johanna: They sent her with $10 K. 

Louis: Ten!? Mom, what if I don't like her? 

Johanna: Just try. 

Louis: Mom how am I gonna tell Eleanor? 

Johanna: I don't know, but right now I really need the money. 

Louis: Mom, why? When you can ask me? 

Johanna: I'm sorry son; it's just, we need money right now. 

Louis: Are you gonna love her more than Eleanor? 

Johanna: Yes, I have no choice. 

Louis: *silent/sighs* When is she getting here? 

Johanna: Tonight. 

Louis: What?! 

Johanna: I know, I know, remember, just be nice and smile. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles* Ok mom, I'll marry the daughter of these strangers we don't even know. 

Johanna: Oh get over it son. *leaves* 

Louis: I'm serious! 

(Later That Night) 

Johanna: C'mon son let's go and pick her up at the airport. 

Louis: *takes a deep breath* Ok, let's go. 

Kim: *walks towards the entrance* 

Johanna: How do we know how she looks like son? 

Louis: I don't know, I thought you knew? 

Johanna: No. 

Louis: Mom! 

Kim: *smiles* Hi, are you Johanna? 

Johanna: Uh. *looks at Louis* 

Louis: *kind of chuckles*  

Johanna: Yes, I'm Johanna, you must be Kim Aarons. 

Kim: Yes, I am. 

Johanna: *smiles* It's nice to meet you Kim; this is my son Louis Tomlinson. 

Louis: *smiles* It's nice to meet you; I've been waiting all day for you. 

Kim: *to herself* Wow, he is hot. *smiles* It's a pleasure to meet you. 

Louis: Should we go get your bag? 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Louis: *looks at Johanna* 

Johanna: Be nice. 

Louis: *whispering* Mom! Do you see how she looks? I can't be seen with her, she's... 

Johanna: *gives Louis a serious look* 

Louis: Can't wait for the wedding. 

Johanna: It'll be fine. 

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *wakes up* I'm officially, in London. *smiles* 

Johanna: *knocks on the door* Kim? 

Kim: Yes? 

Johanna: Did you want to go try on some dresses today? 

Kim: Um, yes we can. 

Johanna: Ok, get up and get ready then. 

Kim: Ok. 

Louis: We're what? 

Johanna: I'm gonna take you to go choose your tuxedo; she's gonna go buy her own dress. 

Kim: *walks down the stairs and smiles* I'm ready mom. 

Johanna: Don't call me that. 

Louis: Mom? 

Johanna: I mean, don't call me that yet. 

Kim: I'm sorry; I didn't know what to call you. 

Johanna: Just call me Johanna. 

Kim: Ok. 

Johanna: Well, I'm gonna take Louis to go buy his tuxedo, you can go on your own ok. 

Kim: Oh? Ok, um, I guess I'll see you guys later? 

Johanna: Yes, see you later. *leaves first* 

Louis: *smiles* Bye. *leaves* Mom, is she really gonna marry into our family? 

Johanna: Yeah. 

Louis: She's so...  

Johanna: Ugly? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Johanna: Don't worry, she can't be that bad. 

Louis: Right?  

Johanna: So what Louis, she's here already. 

Kim: Well, since I'm going by myself, let me just be myself then. *goes and changes and then leaves* 

Johanna: Try this one on son. 

Louis: Ok. *tries on a few tuxes* 

Kim: *walks in the bridal store* 

Ana: Hello welcome to Bridal's, what can I help you with? 

Kim: *smiles* Hello, I'm looking for a wedding dress, I'm getting married this weekend. 

Ana: Oh ok, well let's look this way. 

Kim: Ok. *follows ana* 

Ana: You are a really beautiful girl; you're not from here are you? 

Kim: No, I'm from Las Vegas. 

Ana: Oh, here to marry a buy from the UK huh? 

Kim: *smiles* Yes, it's always been my dreams. 

Ana: *smiles* It's good to know that miss. Here's let's have you try on this one. 

Kim: Ok. *goes and tries on the dresses* 

Johanna: We'll go ahead and buy this one. 

David: Alright. 

Johanna: Alright, son, let's go look for a pair of shoes for you now. 

Louis: Mom, I can buy my own... 

Johanna: No, I want to make sure it matches right. 

Louis: Ok. 

Kim: *pulls up to the driveway* Oh? They're not home yet? *goes inside the house* 

Johanna: Alright, let's go home. 

Lottie: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: Who's here? *runs to open the door* 

Phoebe: Who are you? 

Kim: Uh...  

Lottie: Are you Kim? 

Kim: Yes I am, who are you? Well, come in first. 

Lottie: *walks in* We live here. I'm Lottie and these are my sister's. This is Fizzy, the twins, Phoebe, and Daisy. 

Kim: Oh? Louis's sister's correct? 

Lottie: Yes. 

Kim: Well... *smiles* It's good to meet you guys. 

Lottie: You too Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Johanna: Oh, you guys are home, that's good. 

Kim: Hey Johanna, need any help? 

Johanna: No, but thank you tho. 

Kim: Ok. 

Johanna: Actually, yes, can you start cooking lunch for us. 

Kim: Yeah, I can. *goes and cooks* 

Louis: Mom, I'll back later. 

Johanna: Where are you going? 

Louis: I'm gonna go to my friends. 

Johanna: Why don't you take Kim to meet them? 

Louis: I'm not...  

Kim *fakes a smile* It's ok, I don't have to meet them if you don't want me to. 

Louis: *chuckles* Perhaps another time. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *looks to the ground* 

Johanna: It's ok, they'll come around. 

Kim: *forces a smile* 

Johanna: Come eat. 

Daisy: C'mon, let's go eat. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles and goes to the kitchen* 

Fizzy: We are glad to be having you in the family. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Lottie: I know you probably think you're not attractive enough for my brother, but don't worry, even if he doesn't love you, we'll love you. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Johanna: Aw, how sweet of you pumpkin. 

Lottie: *smiles*

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