Say Something

Say Something; Louis is in a relationship with Eleanor, but was forced into marriage. Louis and Kim were forced into marrying eachother. When marrying Louis, she changes her look to make herself look unattractive and acts clueless. The real Kim is into school, has good manners and respect, but sometimes carries a bad attitude when people are rude to her, not to mention, her parents own the MGM in Las Vegas. Louis on the other hand, was an out going guy who loves to spend 24/7 with his girlfriend Eleanor that Kim doesn't know of. One day Louis and Eleanor were arguing in public and Kim saw and defended Louis. Louis fell in love with the real Kim, but little does he know... He's been married to her.


2. The Other Girl

Johanna: Thank you for lunch Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* No problem Johanna. 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *heads into the shower and watches the make-up go down the drain*  

Louis: I have to go home now babe. 

Eleanor: Why? You always sleep here, why all of a sudden you want to go home now? 

Louis: My mom wants me home. 

Eleanor: I didn't hear a call or text from her. 

Louis: Before I came here. 

Eleanor: Ok, what reason? 

Louis: We have a guest over. 

Eleanor: Oh my god! Louis! Go, why did you come here then. 

Louis: I missed you? 

Eleanor: *smiles* Aw. *kisses Louis* 

Louis: *smiles* I'll be back tomorrow. 

Eleanor: Ok. *smiles big* 

Louis: Bye. *leaves* 

Kim: *up reading a book* 

Louis: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: Who is it? 

Louis: It's me. 

Kim: Shit! Um, hold on.  

Louis: You don't have to open the door. 

Kim: *stands still* Ok. 

Louis: I just came to say goodnight. 

Kim: Oh ok, goodnight. 

Louis: *walks off* 

Kim: *stands by the door and listens* 

(The Next Morning) 

Kim: *cooking* 

Eleanor: *rings the doorbell* 

Lottie: I got it. *opens the door* Oh? Hey... 

Eleanor: Is your brother home? 

Lottie: Uh, yeah, hold on a minute. *walks to Louis* Louis, Eleanor's here. 

Louis: What!? No! She can't be here. 

Lottie: She's outside. 

Louis: Shoot. *walks to kim* Whatever happens or gets asked, just say you don't know anything. Ok? 

Kim: Why? 

Louis: Just... just go with it ok. 

Kim: Ok? 

Louis: Don't mess it up for me. 

Kim: Ok. 

Louis: *walks to the door* Hey Eleanor. 

Eleanor: Hey. *smiles and kisses Louis* 

Louis: Come in. 

Eleanor: *walks in the house* 

Kim: Lunch is ready. *smiles and sees Eleanor* 

Eleanor: Who's this? 

Louis: This is our house keeper/nanny/maid? *looks at kim* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Hi I'm Kim Aarons, I work for the Tomlinsons. 

Eleanor: Oh, here, take my bag. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Sure. *puts the bag away* 

Louis: Come eat. 

Eleanor: Ok. 

Kim: *about to grab a plate for herself* 

Louis: Oh no, you don't eat these with us. You have to wait til we're done eating and then go and make yourself some can food. They're in the closets. 

Kim: *confused* What? 

Louis: *kind of gives kim the go away look* 

Kim: *smiles and walks off* 

Lottie: *follows kim* Don't be so confused, you can eat, I'll bring a plate for us. 

Kim: *smiles sad* It's ok, I can go buy can of foods for me. 

Lottie: Don't. 

Kim: It's ok. *smiles* 

Lottie: I'll be back. 

Kim: Please don't Lottie. 

Lottie: Are you sure? I don't want you to starve. 

Kim: I'll be fine. 

Lottie: Ok, I'll be downstairs if you need anything. 

Kim: Ok.  

Lottie: *leaves* 

Eleanor: *laughing* Oh hey Lottie. 

Louis: Lottie! Come eat, where's Fizzy? 

Lottie: She took the twins to the park. 

Louis: Ok, come join Eleanor and I. 

Lottie: No thanks. 

Eleanor: Lottie, go tell that slave to come wash the dishes. 

Louis: *gives lottie a guilt look* 

Lottie: She's not a slave, her names Kim. 

Eleanor: Fine, I'll go tell her! *walks to kims room/barges in* Clean up time. 

Lottie: You are really messed up Louis. 

Louis: Lottie, don't ruin it please. 

Lottie: I'll see. *walks off* 

Kim: *cleans up* 

Eleanor: So how long have you been working here? 

Kim: I just got here not too long ago. 

Eleanor: Hey, you have an American accent. 

Kim: I'm not from here. *trying to get away from Eleanor* 

Eleanor: You know, Louis and I love eachother, we can't wait until we get married. 

Kim: *shocked* You're, you're his girlfriend? 

Eleanor: Yeah, we've been together for three years now. 

Kim: *panics* 

Eleanor: What? What happened? 

Kim: I, I forgot something upstairs. *runs to her room* 

Louis: It's ok, I can clean it. 

Eleanor: No, she can clean it. 

Lottie: You don't tell her what to do, she's in our family, not yours. 

Eleanor: I'm gonna be family. 

Lottie: I'm sorry. *looks at Louis* But you're not because... 

Louis: Lottie. 

Lottie: I don't want you to be in our family. 

Louis: *fakes a chuckle* Something's got into her today. 

Kim: *calls Carrie* 

Carrie: Hello. 

Kim: Mom. Why didn't you tell me! 

Carrie: Tell you what honey? 

Kim: He has a girlfriend! 

Carrie: I didn't know, his mother didn't say. 

Kim: Well his girlfriend is over and... *tries not to cry*  

Carrie: Honey, just be a bigger person ok. 

Kim: Mom. *cries* 

Carrie: It's late over here, I'm tired, talk to you tomorrow. 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Louis: Hey Kim. 

Kim: *opens the door* What. 

Louis: Eleanor left, if you're hungry, you can go and eat. 

Kim: I'm not hungry, I can't eat those foods remember. 

Louis: I only said that because... 

Kim: No take back. *closes the door* 

Louis: Ok, nevermind then. 

Lottie: So did you tell her? 

Louis: Who? 

Lottie: Your girlfriend, that you're getting married to our house keeper/nanny/maid. 

Louis: Lottie, don't even start with me. 

Lottie: You have to tell her someday, it's not fair that Kim knows and Eleanor doesn't. 

Louis: I'll tell her when time is right ok. 

Lottie: And that's like never right? 

Louis: It's too soon ok! I love Eleanor and I'm not gonna hurt her Lottie! So shut up! 

Johanna: Hey! What is going on? 

Lottie: Ask Louis. *walks to her room and closes the door* 

Johanna: Son. 

Louis: Eleanor came over. 

Johanna: Really? What happened? 

Louis: Eleanor told Kim that I was her girlfriend. 

Johanna: What?! And!? 

Louis: I told Eleanor Kim was our house keeper, nanny, and maid. 

Johanna: You, you what! 

Kim: *goes to the door and listens* 

Louis: I should have told her, but I was scared. I love Eleanor mom, I can't hurt her. 

Johanna: What about Kim! You don't think she has feelings too! You know she may not be pretty or attractive, but she has a good heart Louis! Don't you just think Eleanor will love you, I'm sure she doesn't love you as much as Kim! *walks off* 

Louis: Eleanor and I are gonna get married mom. 

Johanna: No you're not! You're marrying Kim and that is final! 

Louis: I don't love her! 

Johanna: Then learn! *leaves* 

Louis: *goes to his room and slams the door* 

Kim: *backs up and packs her things* 

Johanna: Where are you going Kim? 

Kim: I have to leave Johanna. 

Johanna: Why? 

Kim: I can't be here, Louis has a girlfriend, I can't force him to marry me if he's in love with someone else. 

Louis: *walks out his room and listens* 

Johanna: Everything will be fine, I'll talk to him, and everything will be settled, honey, you're getting married in two days. 

Kim: *cries* I've made a mistake coming here Johanna. 

Johanna: *fells bad/hugs kim* No you didn't. We love you Kim, Louis may not love you, but I love you as if you were my own daughter. Fizzy and Lottie loves you, if you leave, what will they do without you? 

Kim: Tell them that I went back home and when time is right, I'll...  

Lottie: You're not going anywhere Kim. 

Kim: *turns around* 

Lottie: You're gonna be my sister-in-law. *smiles* I really like you. 

Kim: *touched* 

Lottie: Please stay with us. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Lottie: *smiles and hugs kim* 

Kim: *slowly hugs lottie back*

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