Say Something

Say Something; Louis is in a relationship with Eleanor, but was forced into marriage. Louis and Kim were forced into marrying eachother. When marrying Louis, she changes her look to make herself look unattractive and acts clueless. The real Kim is into school, has good manners and respect, but sometimes carries a bad attitude when people are rude to her, not to mention, her parents own the MGM in Las Vegas. Louis on the other hand, was an out going guy who loves to spend 24/7 with his girlfriend Eleanor that Kim doesn't know of. One day Louis and Eleanor were arguing in public and Kim saw and defended Louis. Louis fell in love with the real Kim, but little does he know... He's been married to her.


10. Positive

Kim: *wakes up feeling nausea* 

Louis: I made us pancakes. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* What made you cook breakfast today? 

Louis: Well, I'm always gone and you seem to always cook for me in the mornings, so I thought today I would make something for you. 

Kim: *smiles* It smells good. *sits on the table* 

Louis: Here you go. *sets the plate down* 

Kim: *looks at the food and runs to the restroom and gags* 

Louis: Kim? Is everything ok? 

Kim: I don't know. I woke up feeling really nauseas. 

Louis: Do you want to see a doctor? I can take you? 

Kim: You'll take me? 

Louis: Yeah, I mean... I don't want to, but I have no choice. 

Kim: No, I'll be fine. *walks off* 

Louis: Ok.  

Kim: *sits down at the table and looks at the pancake again/feeling nauseas* 

Louis: Are you sure you don't want me to take you to the doctor? 

Kim: I'm sure, I'll be fine, I'm just gonna lay down again. 

Louis: Call me if you need me. 

Kim: Yeah, I will. *leaves to her room* 

Louis: *calls Johanna* 

Johanna: Hello. 

Louis: Mom, Kim's not feeling well. 

Johanna: *smiles big* Really? I mean really? Why? 

Louis: She said she was feeling nauseas and she kinda gagged when I set the food on the table. 

Johanna: I'll come check on her right now. 

Louis: Ok, hurry because I have to go to Eleanor's. 

Johanna: No you're not. 

Louis: Yeah I am, bye. *hangs up* 

Lottie: What happened? 

Johanna: Kim might be pregnant. 

Lottie: Really? So it worked? 

Johanna: I don't know, let's go. 

Lottie: Ok, c'mon Daisy, c'mon Phoebe. 

Fizzy: *holds phoebe's hand* 

Johanna: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: Hey. *smiles* 

Johanna: You look really awful honey, are you ok? 

Kim: I don't know. 

Johanna: Where's Louis? 

Kim: He's at Eleanor's. 

Johanna: I told him not to go! Get ready, I'm taking you to see the doctor. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dr. Den: Thank you for coming, I'll give you a call tomorrow when the results are in. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dr. Den: *smiles* 

Kim: *leaves* Let's go. 

Johanna: What happened? 

Kim: He said I'm ok, and he'll call me tomorrow for the results. 

Johanna: Better start planning that nursery room. 

Kim: I don't even know what I'm having yet mom. 

Johanna: I know, but when you know. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Johanna: I'm sorry if you didn't want to be pregnant. 

Kim: I mean, it's fine, but I wish you could of told me sooner, so I could have been prepared. 

Johanna: I'm sorry. 

Kim: You're fine mother. 

(The Next Day) 

Dr. Den: *calls kim* 

Kim: *sleeping* 

Dr. Den: *leaves a voicemail* Hello Kim, this is Dr. Den, I have the results, and it came out positive, you are pregnant, congratulation Kim. *hangs up* 

(Later That Day) 

Kim: *watching tv/walks to the kitchen looking at her phone* One missed... oh shit! *listens to voicemail* 

Louis: Who are you talking to? 

Kim: *drops her phone* Louis! 

Louis: Who was that? 

Kim: *scared* 

Louis: Kim? 

Kim: *runs to bathroom and gags* 

Louis: Are you ok? *rubs kims back* 

Kim: Don't touch me please 

Louis: I'm sorry, do you need some medication? I can run to the store to... 

Kim: Louis. 

Louis: Yeah? 

Kim: I don't know if I should tell you this, but I got a call from the Dr. 

Louis: Are you ok? You're not sick are you?  

Kim: I'm not... 

Louis: *quickly puts his hand on kims forehead* You're kind of warm, do you need some water? 

Kim: Louis, I'm pregnant. 

Louis: *gets up and backs up* No you're not. 

Kim: You're mom took me to see Dr. Den and the test came out positive. 

Louis: How? I mean, we never even had sex, not that I remember of? You been cheating on me? 

Kim: With who Louis? I don't know anyone, I never even been out of this town or house, except to the grocery store to buy us food to make. 

Louis: You can't have that child. I'm not letting you keep that child. 

Kim: You act like I wanted it too! 

Louis: How?! How Kim! How are you pregnant?! I'm always at Eleanor's, how can you be pregnant by me!? 

Kim: *walks out the bathroom into her room* 

Louis: Explain to me Kim! How?! 

Kim: Do you seriously don't remember? 

Louis: No, I don't. 

Kim: Remember that night you came home from your moms. 

Louis: Yeah? 

Kim: You asked me to bring you water. 

Louis: You drugged me!? 

Kim: No, you were pretty much drugged when you got home. 

Louis: What? 

Kim You weren't yourself Louis, you begged me to sleep with you, you begged me to have sex with you! 

Louis: I did? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Louis: Why didn't you stop me? 

Kim: I tried Louis! *cries* I tried. 

Louis: I raped you? 

Kim: No. 

Louis: I'm, I'm gonna go over to Eleanor's and I'm gonna get some fresh air. I'll be home tomorrow. *leaves* 

Kim: *sitting on the bed crying silently* 

Eleanor: She's pregnant?  

Louis: Yeah. 

Eleanor: And you didn't tell me last night when you came!

Louis: I didn't want to.

Eleanor: Why! Why couldn't it be me Louis! I love you! 

Louis: Yeah, but... Babe, I was drugged. 

Eleanor: That bitch drugged you?! 

Louis: No, probably the person who made my food did. 

Eleanor: Her. 

Louis: No, my mom ordered it and she went to go pick it up. 

Eleanor: Why? Why not me, we love eachother Louis. 

Louis: I know we do babe. 

Eleanor: Divorce her and marry me. 

Louis: Trust me, I been wanting to since she been here. 

Eleanor: She's an ugly... girl! 

Louis: I know she is! I can't do anything about it Eleanor! 

Eleanor: Whatever, let's go eat, I'm hungry, we can argue later! 

Louis: *sighs*

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