Say Something

Say Something; Louis is in a relationship with Eleanor, but was forced into marriage. Louis and Kim were forced into marrying eachother. When marrying Louis, she changes her look to make herself look unattractive and acts clueless. The real Kim is into school, has good manners and respect, but sometimes carries a bad attitude when people are rude to her, not to mention, her parents own the MGM in Las Vegas. Louis on the other hand, was an out going guy who loves to spend 24/7 with his girlfriend Eleanor that Kim doesn't know of. One day Louis and Eleanor were arguing in public and Kim saw and defended Louis. Louis fell in love with the real Kim, but little does he know... He's been married to her.


8. Not Sleeping Here With You

(Later That Night) 

Johanna: Louis, I think it's time you and Kim move on your own. 

Louis: What? 

Johanna: Yes, you two are married now and I think it's time I have a grandchild. 

Louis: Mom, I'm not... 

Johanna: Louis, she's a beautiful girl. 

Louis: No she's not. 

Johanna: Please Louis; I am desperate for a grandson or granddaughter. 

Louis: I don't think I can or want to sleep with her. 

Johanna: I am begging you, please. 

Louis: I will see what I can do because right now, I'm not... in love or feeling Kim. 

Johanna: Please don't make me wait too long son, I'm not getting younger anymore. 

Louis: I'll see what happens. *walks off* 

(A Month Later) 

Louis: I'm gonna go to Eleanor's I'll be back in a few days. 

Kim: Few days? Oh, ok... that's fine. *fakes a smile* 

Louis: Don't stay up to late waiting because I'll be sleeping there ok. 

Kim: *smiles hurt* Ok, I'll be here if you need me or anything. 

Louis: Ok or you can go to my mom's if you want. 

Kim: *shakes her head* I'm fine alone here. 

Louis: Ok, I'll call you when I have time ok, see you in a week. 

Kim: Ok. *gets hurts* 

Eleanor: You're finally here; it's been so long since you last slept here.  

Louis: I know, but I'm here now, so it doesn't matter right? 

Eleanor: *smiles* Yeah. 

Louis: What should we do today? 

Eleanor: Um, let's go have a romantic dinner and then to the movies, it's been a while since we've done that. 

Louis: Ok. *smiles* Let's go, get ready. 

Kim: *sitting at the table by herself crying* What have I done to myself. If I knew he was this good looking, I would have never done this to myself. *goes and heads into the shower* 

Eleanor: *walking hand in hand with Louis to the movies* 

Kim: *rings the doorbell* 

Fizzy: *opens the door* Who are you? 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Fizzy, it's me Kim. 

Fizzy: Wow, I mean, whoa! You are super... 

Kim: Yeah, I know. 

Fizzy: Flawless. 

Kim: What? *chuckles* Thank you Fizzy, that means a lot. 

Fizzy: My mom's in the other living room, c'mon. 

Kim: Ok. 

Johanna: Kim! Oh my god! You are so beautiful my lovely daughter! *hugs kim* How are you? I haven't seen you in so long, how are things? 

Kim: It's the same. *smiles* He's spending the week at Eleanor's. 

Johanna: What? No! You can't keep letting him go Kim, you have to stand your ground and tell him. 

Kim: It's ok, it's her he loves. 

Johanna: Do you guys sleep together now? 

Kim: It's the same mom, we don't talk at home, we don't look at eachother, we don't sleep together, it's the same each day. 

Johanna: I will talk to him honey, don't stress ok. 

Kim: Mom. *smiles* I'm not even upset about it; I'm ok with it actually. 

Johanna: I know you're not, I will talk to him, and I'll tell him to come home you hear me. 

Kim: No, it's ok mom, don't. 

Johanna: Are you sure? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Johanna: Ok then. 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *lying on the bed/texts Louis* Goodnight. 

Louis: *sees kims name on his phone and discards the text* 

Kim: *waits for louis's text* 

Louis: *cuddles with Eleanor and goes to sleep*

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