Say Something

Say Something; Louis is in a relationship with Eleanor, but was forced into marriage. Louis and Kim were forced into marrying eachother. When marrying Louis, she changes her look to make herself look unattractive and acts clueless. The real Kim is into school, has good manners and respect, but sometimes carries a bad attitude when people are rude to her, not to mention, her parents own the MGM in Las Vegas. Louis on the other hand, was an out going guy who loves to spend 24/7 with his girlfriend Eleanor that Kim doesn't know of. One day Louis and Eleanor were arguing in public and Kim saw and defended Louis. Louis fell in love with the real Kim, but little does he know... He's been married to her.


11. I Have To Find Her

Kim: *heads in the shower and watches the make-up go down the drain* 

Louis: Hi, a table for two please. 

Kim: *walks in the restaurant and sees Louis with Eleanor* 

Eleanor: I can't believe this is happening Louis, do you know how much I hate that girl!  

Louis: You don't even know her. 

Eleanor: Neither do you! 

Louis: I'm married to her, I know a little about her now. 

Eleanor: Name one thing about her. 

Louis: She's having my child. 

Eleanor: Besides that. 

Louis: She's nice. 

Eleanor: Anybody can be nice! I'm nice! 

Louis: Ok, she's a very sweet and caring girl. She loves my family I can tell you that. 

Eleanor: That's because your family is nothing Louis!  

Kim: Hey! Why are you talking down on his family for? You don't know his family. 

Louis: *looks at kim* Whoa. 

Eleanor: Who are you? 

Louis: I'm sorry, excuse my girlfriend, she's just a little upset over something right now, we'll be fine. *fakes a chuckle and smile* 

Kim: No, no one talks about someone else's family like that. I'm sure your family is the best thing in the world. You shouldn't be letting a bitch talk them down.  

Eleanor: Hey!  

Louis: Babe, it's ok, let it go. 

Eleanor: You better watch your back bitch! 

Kim: Excuse me, but I have to go. I don't stand or sit around and gossip about another family or talk my little shit to someone who's not interested.  

Eleanor: You! *screams in anger and leaves* 

Louis: Babe! 

Eleanor: *turns around and slaps Louis and leaves* 

Kim: You deserve someone better; someone who loves your family and is willing to wait for you and take care of you. *leaves* 

Louis: Who is she?  

Kim: *heads home and fixes herself* 

Louis: I'm home. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Louis: I got news. 

Kim: Yeah? What. 

Louis: I think I'm breaking up with Eleanor. 

Kim: *smiles* Really? 

Louis: Yeah, some girl finally made me open my eyes and see that Eleanor is not the girl for me. 

Kim: Oh?  

Louis: But that girl, I don't know who she is, I didn't even catch her name. But she was beautiful, I don't even think she was from here, she didn't have a British accent. 

Kim: Well, not everyone here lives here, some are visiting, some are studying, and some maybe moved here from another country. 

Louis: That's true, but I don't think I'll ever find her again. 

Kim: Really? 

Louis: Yeah, but don't worry, I'll look for her again tomorrow. 

Kim: *smiles* Good luck. 

Louis: I'm not hurting you am I? 

Kim: *chuckles* At this moment, no. I actually feel happy for once. 

Louis: *chuckles* Why? 

Kim: You're just so cute, you're like in love with someone you just met randomly. *serious* It's like watching a child get a balloon they want and when it flies away, they try to get it, but it's too late.  

Louis: Whoa, something's gotten into you today. 

Kim: Yeah, something did actually. My husband left me unattended while pregnant and alone in the house. I mean, I understand you love Eleanor, but it's time you take responsibility and be a good husband and father. 

Louis: Oh... yeah, um, I'm trying. 

Kim: Whatever. *walks off*

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