She's .. Different

Zayn Malik never sticks to just one girl. He always has at least more then 10. But once he meets a girl named Alexandria, he feels a different feeling with her. But he knows he could never fall in love... or would he?


3. Strip Club Fun~

*Zayn's P.O.V*

We finally arrived at the club. The name was 'Sugar's'. Like what the hell is up with this name im sorry but this isn't a candy store its a club but not just any club a strip club so um the name shouldn't be 'Sugar's'. Kalli and Amaya are walking ahead of us like damn do they already have lap dances planned. They better not because I don't even yet!

"Girls calm down the strippers will still be there" I teased.

"Yeah but if we don't hurry we can miss the really hot strippers in those sexy ass clothes." Kalli said back. You know im surprised that Kalli's first time was just last night because she is so dirty minded and the biggest flirt and just crazy especially at parties. That is why I think its good Kalli and Harry are good together.

"Aye me and Niall can strip for you girls if you want, you know we are pretty sexy if I say so myself." Harry said

"You guys aren't professionals though do it wont be as much fun with you guys." Amaya whined.

"Oh well !!" Niall said. As soon as we made our way in there Amaya and Kalli ran to the other side of the room to were the male strippers were, but before they got over there Kalli turned around and ran back over to Harry.

"Babey I need money" Kalli asked Harry batting her eyelashes trying to seem innocent.

"Fine how much?" Harry said giving in.

"20 dollars please" Kalli said proudly.

"How about 10"


"10 dollars or nothing you decide." Harry said making the final amount.

"Fine." Kalli said waiting for Harry to giver her the money. Once the money was in her hand she turned around and ran back to were Amaya was waiting for her.

"So Zayn you getting laid tonight" Louis said grabbing my attention.

"Hopefully you know im really getting tired of Jessica."

"Im going over to the bar anyone want to join" Harry announced nodding his head towards the bar across the room.

"Yeah I'll go I think." I  said walking over to the bar with Harry to see Amaya and Kalli working their charm probably trying to get a free drink off of the bar tender.

"Um yeah can we get two of sex on the beach please." Kalli said batting her eyes and smiling at the end of it.

"That sounds good maybe we should try that some time." Harry said wrapping his arm around Kalli taking her by surprise.

"I have a boyfriend you a...." Kalli said obviously thinking its a stranger trying to take her home. She turned around going to slap him right before Harry caught her wrist. You know it would probably be nice to have relationship like Kalli and Harry's or maybe Amaya and Niall's...... wait Zayn what are you thinking you are a player and you have always been you don't date. you only use your player ways NO DATING what so ever. I think being around Harry and Niall aren't helping me think straight. Kalli and Amaya walked back over to were they were before.

As soon as I looked over there for any cute girls looking for some one to go home with I saw this one girl that just caught my eyes. She had a perfect body she wasn't fat but she had her curves that may I add stuck out perfectly in that tight gold dress she was wearing. Wow! Her hair was a light red with black tips. Damn that's so sexy. She stood up and walked over to the bar. She sat there waiting for about two minutes damn its already been two minutes. I looked over and saw that Harry had already gone back to the other boys. When I looked back the girl seemed pretty pissed , I wonder what had happened since the time I turned to find Harry till now.

"Damn what does it take for a girl to get a drink around here." She mumbled quietly but loud enough for me to hear her. This is my chance though I can help her get her drink.

"Aye bartender!" I yelled to get the guy who looked like he was about in his mid twenties' attention.

"Yeah man" He replied calmly

"Um cant you tell that this very sexy lady is trying to get a drink or are you blind?" As I said that I looked over to her and saw that she was blushing. Damn she is just beautiful.

"Oh yes sorry ma'am what would you like?"

"Can I have a martini?"

"Yes it will be right with you in a second." She said innocently all I could imagine is fucking her brains out. Damn this girl is turning me on just by looks.

"Umm so I was like wondering..uh what's your name?"

"Alexandra... what's yours?"

"Its Zayn your gunna need to know later on in the future." I said cheekily. There was just something about Alexandra that made me want to include her in my future. I don't know what it was all I know was that I liked it. It made her feel.. different.



Hi everybody I hoped you liked this chapter. Im sorry that the chapters are short at the moment but I promise as the story goes on they WILL get longer. Thanx everyone for reading please like favorite and comment for the next chapter. ENJOY!~~ :)

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