She's .. Different

Zayn Malik never sticks to just one girl. He always has at least more then 10. But once he meets a girl named Alexandria, he feels a different feeling with her. But he knows he could never fall in love... or would he?


2. Hell Yeah!

*Zayn's POV*

"Hey Zayn" Jessica said in a sing-songy voice. Man she is annoying, but she is amazing in the bedroom if you know what im talking about.

"Hey" I said plainly.

"So what are you doing it looks like you are waiting for someone?"

"Yeah im just waiting for the boys." Why is she forever getting in my personal life. Like seriously does she have a life of her own.

"Oh what a coincidence there they are now."

"Oh Zaynieee......"Harry said I a girly voice which made me smirk. See me and Harry have like a bromance were we joke around with each other..., not like that.

"Hey Harry"

"Heeeyyyy what is Jessica doing here you know I thought we had something special going on."

"Calm down Harry she was just leaving now." As soon as I said that Harry smiled and Jessica gasped.

"What the hell Zayn" Jessica complained.

"Umm you know we don't go out correct?"

"We do though"

"Hold on THE Zayn Malik dates now!" Niall teased.

"No Zayn Malik does not date, I'm not like you and Harry with your long lasting relationships."

"HEEYY" they both said in unison

"Now Jessica can you leave."

"Whatever but if u need a good time you know my digits." she said with a wink before walking off.

"I don't like her Zayn." Liam said.

"yah Zayn neither do I she's to slutty."

"Guys, guys who said I do?" I can tell you now I really don't she's to boring never really fun she always wants to do the same things she is way to predictable.

"Well you fuck her almost very other night so you would think." Harry said.

"I don't like her and who said I just fuck her I have many other girls just saying."


"Harry your just jealous you cant fuck your little virgin girl."

"umm actually she's not so much of a virgin anymore."

"hold on Kalli lost her virginity, last night, to you." Louis asked shocked.

"Hell yeah"

"who the hell said you could fuck my little sister wait till I talk to her later."

"don't worry Liam she enjoyed it." Harry said smugly. That got Liam pissed but I could see why if Harry had sex with my little sister I would probably cut him. no joke!

"Whoa there tiger calm down" Louis said pushing on Liam's chest.

"Any way where is Amaya and Kalli we need to get going."

"Calm down Zayn we are right here." Kalli's voice rang from behind me.

"There's my baby." Harry said

"And there's my sugar." Niall said. I swear they are so disgusting with their PDA. Finally when they were done sucking on each others faces Liam pulled Kalli away by the arm from Harry.

"What the fuck Liam I was kind of with Harry just in case you couldn't see that Liam." Kalli snapped back as she snuck out of Liam's grip and walked back over to Harry.

"So Kalli how was last night?" Louis asked

"It was fun and.. wait Harry did you say something?" Kalli blushed. When Harry nodded Kalli covered her face in Harry's chest.

"aww Kalli Walli is embarrassed... well oh well we have to go" I said using the nick name that I gave her that I know she hates so much.

"Shut-up and where are we going?"

"we are going to the strip club" I answered.

"that's not fair me and Kalli cant go then." Amaya finally spoke up but sadly.

"No theres a new one two blocks down from my house, female and male strippers!" Louis said.

"Well then lets go"

"well I have to change im not trying to go to the strip club in sweat pants" Amaya spoke up.

"Okay then lets go"

"damn Zayn calm down what do you have a private or do you have a lap dance planned." Kalli said.

"What re you gunna wear" Liam asked them.

"Shorts and tank tops" Kalli answered in a duh tone. With what they are wearing can already tell this will be a fun night. Niall and Harry better watch out.


A/N Sorry everybody for taking so long to update I have been really busy with school and everything. I will be updating soon. Thank you everyone for liking and reading please favorite like and comment for the next chapter! :)

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