♬Miss Movin' On ♬ -NH

April lives in miami, florida and is very popular, so is her so called 'boyfriend'
they have been together for 3 years, until something unforgettable happened.
"people change, i changed. I'm sorry but I'm not changing back. i'll never be that girl again. I'm movin on"♬


4. why?

after we were all done swimming it was 7:00 and chloe and jesy left earlier. and Jason was supposed to be here soon. while i went to the kitchen to get something to drink, i kept thinking about what Niall told me. was he really cheating on me? how long has this lasted? wait, why did niall tell me? why should he care? all these questions were going through my head when i heard the door open. must be jason. "april! theres some guy here for you!" ariana yelled. " who?" i yelled back." hey babe," i turned around to see niall smirking." what are you doing here?" " lets go. you need to know." he said coming up to me and grabbing my arm. "where?" " my house." he pulled me put the back door so no one would see us leave. we went down the block and kept walking. eventually, about 7 minutes later, we got to a big house and went inside. "you live here?" i asked looking around." yeah. come on." he said going         upstairs. he lead me to a room I'm guessing was his room. he closed the door as i sat on the end of the bed. "what do i need to know? make it fast, i need to get back home before jason comes back." "thats what i need to show you. and dont worry you'll get back before he does." he said coming over to me and sitting next to me, getting his phone out. he did some stuff then showed me a picture of jason and some girl. it looked like they were either hugging or kissing.' they were just hugging' i thought to myself, hoping i was right. he showed me another pic of them kissing. " i cant believe it." i whispered, tears forming in my eyes. i felt a few tears escape my eyes and i just put my head in my hands. "i'm sorry, i shouldn't of showed you that." he said wrapping his arms around me. i cried into his chest and hugged back. i didn't want to let go, i was broken when i saw those pictures, and right now niall was the only one comforting me. and i felt safe, for the first time,  without jason. i didnt want to leave, and go back home to see jason. and i think niall knew that, because he picked me up and walked downstairs. i just hid my face in his shirt while he sat down and held me in his arms. "I'm sorry but i'm not letting you go home, back to him." he said hugged me tighter. "why? why are you doing this?" "doing what?" he said pulling away so we were facing each other." This, showing me the pictures, telling me about jason, hugging me and caring for me as if we were together, or really close, like family or something. Why?" i said getting of his lap. " is it wrong to care about you? just please dont go back to him." he said grabbing my hand. " why?" "please stay," he whispered,"you cant go back to him, he'll only hurt you more."  he said pulling me in a tight hug. I hugged him back and he whispered in my ear, " I won't hurt you." "Promise?" I said pulling away so I could look at him. He smiled and pulled me  closer, our faces were inches away. "Promise." He said smiling and kissed my fore head. 


It was 7:48 now and jason was supposed  be home.i was still at niall`s house.i wasnt planning to go home any time soon.i got a few text from ariana saying they went home before jason got back.We`ve been sitting on the couch watching tv, nothing special. "Jason should be home by now." I said checking the time on my phone. "Well, you wont be."he said 




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