♬Miss Movin' On ♬ -NH

April lives in miami, florida and is very popular, so is her so called 'boyfriend'
they have been together for 3 years, until something unforgettable happened.
"people change, i changed. I'm sorry but I'm not changing back. i'll never be that girl again. I'm movin on"♬


3. what?

who the hell is 'N' and why would he say that? 'he must have the wrong number.' i thought to myself.'jason wouldn't do that, right? i got cut off of my thoughts by bella screaming at me."whats taking you so long?" "um ill tell you later." "ok just hurry up" "ok" i texted them and went to sit down. i decided to text back'i think you have the wrong number, who is this?' i got a text from the same number right after i sent it.'you'll find out soon ;)-N' 'what is that supposed to mean? how do you know he's cheating on me? you must have the wrong person' after i sent it i got other texts from chloe, Ariana, Luke, Michael, and jesy saying they can come. Zoe, kayla, and sophie cant because ether family problems or busy. i went back to bella and sat on the side of the pool with my legs in the pool with my phone." so, whos coming?" bell asked."Ari, Luke  Michael and jesy. they'll be here in 10 minutes." "ok. wait lukes coming?" she said looking sad. luke and her broke up a few weeks ago." yeah, im sorry will you be able to handle it?" "yeah ill be fine." she said smiling, although i could tell it was fake. i was jus about to get back in the pool when my phone buzzed. ' no i dont have the wrong number i know its right. i can see you looking at your phone right now. dont worry babe ;)-N'  'what do you mean, you can see me?' "april what are you doing?" bell asked."uhh...hold on, ill tell you in a minute." 'what are you gonna tell her? that a guy is texting you and he can 'see you'. go ahead.-N' ' how did you know i said that?' ' have fun at your pool party, oh and turn around ;)-N' i turned around and saw no one except bella in the pool. i turned back to my phone and saw that guy standing on the other side of the street. he smirked and did something on, what looked like a phone. a few seconds later i got a call from the number, never taking my eyes of him."h-hello?" i asked "hey babe." he said at the same time as that guy, who was still smirking at me."who is this?" i said paying close attention to the guy to see if he was the one calling me."you know who." he said as he hung up and just stood there. i got up from the table and told bella that i'd be right back and went across the street."how did you get my number?" i asked him. he was kinda cute, he had blonde hair with brown roots and light purple tips, and ocean blue eyes."thats for me to know and you to find out."he said. "what? have you been following me?" "yeah, nice house by the way,and nice swimsuit." he said smirking.i guess i was to anxious to find out who he is that i forgot i was still in my swimsuit. "why did you tell me that my boyfriends cheating on me?" "because he is." "how do you know who he is? you might have the wrong person because jason would never do that to me." "jason, is that his name?" " yeah, but how do you know he is?" " because i saw him today with some girl." " well  they could have been friends-" "no because what they were doing is not what friends do. anyway have fun when he gets here." he said starting to walk away."wait! when did you see him?" "today after i saw you at the mall." "but he was at work." " no he wasn't." "what?" i whispered to my self." sorry to break it to you babe, but hes not the man you thought. hes dangerous" " and your not?" i said as he got closer to me so our faces were a few inches away. "you dont know me." and he walked away. i went back to my house and bell asked where i was."in the house, i had to make sure i put everything that i bought in my room before jason gets back. the thought of jason brought back the thought that maybe that guy is right, he is cheating on me, or maybe he was just  saying that because jason is at work. ' i never got your name.' i texted the guy. 'Niall ;)' i saved the contact and put my phone ont he table and went to put my feet in the pool. bella was swimmig under water and just having fun like there wasnt a problem in the world.a few minutes after that chloe, Ariana, Michael, and jesy came by the pool. "APRIL!" michael screamed, running to me."mikey!!!"i said getting up and running to him. i jumped in his arms as he hugged me."ive missed you! i havent seen you in like 4 days." i giggled " i missed you too." i said hugging him tighter. i couldnt imaging life without him. and he hasnt confessed it yet, but he's liked me ever since we met. i hugged eveyone else as bella got out the pool and said hi to them." wheres luke?" i asked "he had some last minute family problems." mikey said. "ok. well you guys hungry?" i said going to the kitchen. "i'll help!" Michael said running up to me.i was already in the kitchen when he came up and hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek. " i already told you, its not gonna happen. i have a boyfriend." "never stop trying, right?" i giggled."sure, go ahead." i said smiling. we got some chips and drinks and went back outside and put them on the table. 

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