♬Miss Movin' On ♬ -NH

April lives in miami, florida and is very popular, so is her so called 'boyfriend'
they have been together for 3 years, until something unforgettable happened.
"people change, i changed. I'm sorry but I'm not changing back. i'll never be that girl again. I'm movin on"♬


6. road trip!

so today is the day when we will be in a car for what will feel like forever. i'll probably sleep the whole way there anyways.

* 6 hours away*

" are we there yet?" i whined. " no. stop asking that." Niall said getting annoyed of me asking that. i whined more. " I'm bored!" i said/yelled" well i what can i do? i have to drive." then i got an idea." hey cant you like, pay some one to drive us the rest of the way?" i said getting excited. " um, maybe, i think simon lives somewhere around here. i could get him to." he said turing down a street. "yay!"

*5 minutes later*

"i'll be right back." Niall said getting out of the car. he came back a few minutes later with a tall-ish short haired guy. "april, this is simon. simon this is april."Niall said introducing us. " hi simon!" i said smiling. " hello april." he smiled back. simon got in the drivers seat while niall and i got in the back. simon started driving and we were back on the road. "when we get there, whats gonna happen?" i asked leaning back in the seat, getting comfortable, since we have less than 6 hours left. " what do you mean?"niall asked " like, how long will we be there? and where will we stay?and what if jason finds us-" niall cut me off by kissing me. i kissed back. it was passionate like the first time he did this. im not sure how im feeling about this, i barley know him and just got out of a relationship, but he did help me through it. and he's been here for me. but i dont know what we are. "i told you not to say his name." he whispered putting his forehead on mine. i smiled. "i know." "and to answer you question, i dont know how long we will be there, and we will stay at liam's house until i can get somewhere else to stay." he said, still whispering. "ok." I leaned back in the seat just as niall put his arm around me, pulling me closer to him. i layed my head on his shoulder. last thing i remember before falling asleep is niall whispering stuff in my ear.

i woke up, half asleep, with my head on nialls lap. i wasnt fully awake so i just layed there until the car stopped. "we're here!" simon called back to us. i guess niall was sleeping too. i felt him lift me up and bring me into a house and sit down on what I'm guessing was a couch. i was still sleeping, but aware of what was going on, but sleeping, if that makes sense. "so this is the sleeping beauty you"ve been talking about."

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