♬Miss Movin' On ♬ -NH

April lives in miami, florida and is very popular, so is her so called 'boyfriend'
they have been together for 3 years, until something unforgettable happened.
"people change, i changed. I'm sorry but I'm not changing back. i'll never be that girl again. I'm movin on"♬


2. pool party!

we pulled up at caribou and went inside. we ordered our drinks and sat down."so...hows jason doing?" bella asked."good. he got a good paying job and is going to apply another job application to get more money since im not working." i said drinking my coffee."wow, nice-" she got cut off by my phone ringing.it was jason."hello?" i said waiting for him to reply."hey babe, the mannager just announced that we're gonna be going out of town for around a week. im sorry but i have to go, hes gonna pay me alot of money." he said, i was shocked at how long he was gonna be gone."wow that's great!" "are you gonna be alright? bella can stay at the house if you dont wana be alone, if you want." "ok ,yeah sure. will you be coming home at 7:30 still?" " yeah and im gonna pack and then leave in the morning early the next day." "ok" " k, well sorry but i gotta get back to work" "k. bye" i said hanging up."what was that about?" bella asked."Jason is going out of town for a week starting tomorrow. but he said you could stay the night whenever you want during the week!" "of course i want to. well should we go?" she grabbing her coffee. " sure." i grabbed my phone off the table and looked up to see that guy sitting at one of the tables staring at me. i looked at him and he got up and walked towards the door. is he following me? what the hell does he want, if he is?

i got up and followed bella to the car and i saw him walking down the street." hey bell, do you know him?" i asked pointing to him. "no, why?" she said looking at him. " oh no reason, i've just seen him around." we got in the car and drove to my house. we got all the bags out of the car and got in the house." you can bring all your stuff to the guest room." i said setting all the bags on the couch. "ok." she said walking away.when she came back she sat on the couch."you wanna go swimming in the pool in the yard? we could have our own little pool party!" i said running up to her."yes yes yes! good thing i bought a new swimsuit." "ok come on lets go get ready!" i said running up stairs with her following me. we got dressed went down stairs. i grabbed my radio and plugged it in, turned it on, and put it on my deck. we ran and jumped in the pool. "omg this water is the perfect temp. for today!" she giggled as i splashed her. "yep. hey should we call some people to come over?" i asked sitting on the edge of the pool." yeah we should call Sophie, Kayla, Chloe, zoe, Ariana, Michael, and jesy." " ok ill text them." i said getting out of the pool and walking to the teble that had my phone on it. i looked at my phone and saw that i got a text from and unknown number.'hey babe, you look good ;) anyway your little boyfriend's cheating on you-N ' 

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