♬Miss Movin' On ♬ -NH

April lives in miami, florida and is very popular, so is her so called 'boyfriend'
they have been together for 3 years, until something unforgettable happened.
"people change, i changed. I'm sorry but I'm not changing back. i'll never be that girl again. I'm movin on"♬


7. meeting the boys

"so this is the sleeping beauty you've been talking about." i heard someone say. "ha, april wake up." niall whispered in my ear." no." i groaned. he laughed and pulled me off the couch. "im up! im up!" i giggled."good because theres people you should meet." he said. "hi love, im louis." a browned hair blue eyed guy said smiling. "im harry." said a curly brown hair green eyed guy said. "I'm zayn." said a black hair brown eyed guy. " and im liam, the owner of this house that got invading by these 3 idiots." a brown hair brown eyed guy said laughing, nudging them. " its nice to meet you guys." i said through giggles. 

           **************************************2 hours of just talking****************************************

"hey, its like, 12:00, and I'm getting tired, so where can sleep tonight...?" i said half falling asleep while they were talking to me." oh, yeah you can sleep in the guest room." liam said. "c'mon i'll take you up there." niall said walking upstairs. he led me to a room and went inside. i sat on the end of the bed. "good night babe." he said walking towards the door. "wait!" he stopped and looked back. "yeah?" "um, can you maybe stay here tonight?" i asked. he smiled and walked back over to me. "sure princess." i got under the blanket and niall wrapped his arms around me. "good night princess."

                **************************************next morning**************************************

i woke up to the sound of a camera click. i opened one eye and saw harry holding a camera and liam, louis and zayn looking at and smiling. "awwww, look at that." zayn said smiling. "yeah look at the lovebirds." harry said. "get the fuck out." niall mumbled. "but you guys look so cute." liam said talking the camera from harry and taking another photo. "awwwww!"they all said.  i took my pillow and threw it at them. my eyes were closed so i didnt see what happened, but i heard harry scream and something hit the floor. i laughed and sat up so i could see what happened. "what was that for?" harry said getting off the floor. "not letting me sleep." "well someones not a morning person." harry said."yep." i said plopping back down on the bed. "well, we got a picture, we can just look at that and not bother you guys anymore so no one else gets hurt." he chucked. they walked out the room after liam took one more photo. 



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