Just Can't Get Over Him

Cameron Dallas and Breannah Rae are in love, but things take a turn for the worse when Bre meets Cameron's friend, Taylor Caniff.


11. Viva La Caniff

I wake up the next morning feeling horrible. I drag myself toward the bathroom mirror, lift my shirt up, and check my stomach. It had light short stretch marks. I look across my room and my phone blinks. I pick it up. "6 Unread Messages From Taylor Caniff," I read on the lock screen. Might as well see what they're about.

Texts From Taylor Caniff:

Hey Bre! So uhm.., Cam told me what happened with the baby a few mins ago. Call me okay? 

Taylor Caniff 11:15 PM 1/19/14

Bre I hope you and Dal are okay. It bothers me knowing that you need a shoulder to cry on poopoo head! lol don't be sad bb brehhhh :) Call me soon!

Taylor Caniff 1:30 AM 1/20/14

Sup bitch xD Look I need to talk to you soon. I'm worried about yeww :P :( fml Bre ik ur reading this el oh el xD anyways call mee

Taylor Caniff 2:40 AM 1/20/14

Bre I'm crying like a lil girrrrl please call me :c See my tears .,,,,  LOL you're being a bewb Breannahhhhh -_- call me! 

Taylor Caniff 2:42 AM 1/20/14

*Voice Mail* Hey Bre. Well you won't answer my calls so let me know when you'll get back to me. Thanks.

Taylor Caniff 3:12 AM 1/20/14

Waited all night for u Bre... It's ok. I have plans anyway that didn't involve you. Bye

Taylor Caniff 5:00 AM 1/20/14

The last one made me down in the dumps. Mom comes into my room with a tray of pancakes, bacon, and orange juice. She smiles at me so I couldn't help but smile back. "Watcha' doin' sweetie," she says as she sets the tray on my table and sits down next to me. "Oh, nothing," I reply in my fakest smile. 

"I know that's not true, Bre. I know when you're down."

"You know me too well Mama, haaha!"

"Now tell me what's really going on. You're on your phone and I saw a disappointed look on your face. Who disappointed you?"

"Actually, it's my fault. It's Taylor. He texted me a bunch of times to try to comfort me but I never replied. The last one really hurt, actually."

"Let me see."

"I know I know... I should've gave him my attention."

"Breannah you need to go make things right with him right now. I've seen the way you looked at him. It's a look that not even Cam gave you."

I don't bother to change out of the clothes I slept in. I grab my keys and bag and head out the door to my car. The air was so cold. I swear I got frostbite the second I stepped outside! 

Taylor left Cameron's house to give Cam and I "private time" which is so useless right now. He's staying the the Hotel Inn 12 blocks away from my house. I enter the building and the person behind the counter lets me know where Taylor's staying. I slowly knock on the door and Taylor opens it. "Hey," I tell him while he gestures me inside his hotel room trying to act all fancy. We both sit down on his couch and he tells me, "So what's up?"

"Alot. You probably know already from Cameron. I guess he and I are broken up now."

"You know I'm always here for you right, Bre?"

"Yeah haha. Thank you Taylor for what you've done for me in these past couple of hectic days."

"No worries cutie! Anything for a beautiful girl like you."

He places my hand on his palm. It's so smooth. "So what about that date," I ask him. I could tell he knew what I meant from the last text he sent me. He claps his hands, grabs my hand, and we go to his car. Another mystery date, but this time it wasn't with Cam. It hurt -- alot.

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