Just Can't Get Over Him

Cameron Dallas and Breannah Rae are in love, but things take a turn for the worse when Bre meets Cameron's friend, Taylor Caniff.


1. To New Beginnings

BEEP BEEP BEEP! "Ughh," I think to myself as I get up. Cameron told me that he'd take me somewhere this early, I don't know where though! He'd always surprise me with the smallest things, which I found the sweetest. Today marked our official 2 year anniversary, 2 18 year olds in love. I'm not the fancy type of gal, so I just throw on a messy bun, a Hollister jacket, and some uggs. Cameron and I are planning on getting married, having kids, and moving in one day, which I cannot wait for the second I turn 21. I grab my keys and rush out the door to my car because I am already 30 minutes late for the date! I pull up on Cameron's drive way and he stands near the porch steps with his navy blue robe, waves, and gives me that smile I always loved. I rush out of my car as soon as I park it and run toward my Cam. He picks me up by my waist and we giggle! Cameron pulls out a silver heart necklace out of his pocket. It was the best he could afford, he tells me. Cameron puts the necklace around my neck and whispers,"Happy 2 year anniversary babe," in my ear as he presses his tend lips onto mine and runs his hand through my hair. "Cameron, breakfast is ready," yells his Mom outside of the door. I've always called her Dallas since the 10th grade. "Oh, and come in Bre," she adds. "Ugh excuse my Mom, lets go eat," says Cameron grabbing my hand and dragging me into his house for breakfast.

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