Just Can't Get Over Him

Cameron Dallas and Breannah Rae are in love, but things take a turn for the worse when Bre meets Cameron's friend, Taylor Caniff.


3. Recovering

I wake up in a hospital room with Cameron in a bed next to me. He turns his head the best he could and waves. I wave back. The amount of needles on me was so much less than what Cameron had. It made my heart sink and I started crying. Cam waves his index finger, as if signalling me to stop crying. He was always there to hug me whenever I was down, but he kinda wasn't right now. Our parents walk into the room with 2 teddy bears and ALOT of balloons. I was able to talk but my babe wasn't. "Breannah, how are you feeling, we were worried sick to our stomachs," says my Mom (Holly) as she strokes my hair. "Don't worry about it," I reply. She wipes away my tears and pats my head. "Oh David," she says as she turns to my Dad. Cameron's parents were across the room talking to Cameron and I saw his Mom crying on his shoulder, hugging him so I couldn't really see if he was crying too. I couldn't hold back the 2nd flow of tears so I turn away.

Dr. Lennox comes into our room and sits in the chair facing both mine and Cam's bed. "Well, Breannah Rae is all good to go, but for Cameron Dallas... Well, he's a bit more injured than Breannah. He's free to go today as well, but we're going to have to keep him on this medicine for 2 months due to the brain damage he had overcome. Luckily, his memory isn't injured but I suggest that you let his brain rest from school for at least 3 weeks," he says while Dallas hugs Cam.

I hop into the car with my parents and my phone vibrates. It was a text from Cameron saying: 

Hey babe :) I am so sorry for what happened yesterday. I shouldn't have pressured you into doing something you didn't want to do, and you were right telling me to keep my hands on the wheel, and I didn't listen. If you wouldn't wanna be my girl anymore because of this, I understand :( Imagine Breannah Dallas! But right now I'm on my way home and you stay safe. Call me whenever you have the chance because I'm really worried about you, baby. Don't worry about me and I hope we can reschedule our date :)

Cameron Dallas 11:13AM 1/12/14

The text made me get better. Way better. Something that surgery, therapy, or medicine couldn't do. He is my cure. Ugh what should I get him? I'll buy him some In - N - Out later considering that he was more injured. My fault or not, I can't help but be guilty! If I didn't listen to Cam in the car, then this wouldn't have happened. As we pull up our driveway, I rush into my room and fall fast asleep.


Time to go to Cameron's house to go to Magcon. 

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