Just Can't Get Over Him

Cameron Dallas and Breannah Rae are in love, but things take a turn for the worse when Bre meets Cameron's friend, Taylor Caniff.


8. Gotta Love Cam

"Cameron Dallas is the father."

I scream and hug my Mom. I start crying and Holly starts rubbing her hand on my back. "I hope I helped and great to see you girls again," he adds and leaves the room. "You're alright now baby," says Mom while we head back home.

I head to my room and ring Cameron. "Hello," says a sweet voice. Finally, I have another chance to appreciate everything Cam has sacrificed for me! "I'm on my way there," I say in an excited voice and drive toward Cameron's house. I doorbell and as soon as he opens the door I pull him in a HUGE hug and start crying tears of joy. Obviously I can't tell him that I wasn't sure he was the dad because I hooked up with Taylor and got pregnant. I just had to keep it all to myself. I bring a bottle of wine in and Cam ask's me, "Woah, what's all this for?" "A toast to our wonderful life together," I reply while opening the bottle while he holds my waist and kisses my cheek.

We sit down on his couch and he leans down to my stomach and says, "Daddy can't wait to see you." I smile and I kiss him on the lips. He puts him arm over my shoulder and trails his fingers through my hair. "So when are we gonna find out the gender of the baby," he questions me while changing the channel. "Probably in February when the baby's been in for 1 month."

"I mean, even though it's coming early I'm still going to be excited as if you're pregnant at the age you want. I'm here for you, babe."

He grabs a blanket and we snuggle while watching Finding Nemo.


I'm half awake and I see Cameron standing in the kitchen cooking bacon and eggs while talking on the phone with Nash. I can bare make out the words but I heard the words "love" and "Bre". I slowly get up and my hair is every. "Good morning beautiful," says Cam while putting the finishing on our breakfast. I hug and kiss him while he pulls the chair for me.

"So I've been thinking that since the baby's coming sooner than planned, we move in with each other by next year in a 2 bedroom apartment. It'll be alot of saving up but I can do it," he says while eating bacon. "Lovely," I reply.

"Today I've decided to take you out on a make up date, babe."

"It'll be a secret again right? Haha"

"Of course! Just be prepared to be amazed!"

After hours on the freeway, Cam and I finally get here and he opens the door for me. We're in the middle of a beautiful field with some woods next to it. The trees were like a walk way and the ground is paved with smooth dirt. Fireflies and lanterns are swirling in the trees, rose petals are leading somewhere, and the further we got, we saw a mariachi band. Cameron grabs my hand and asks me, "Are your ready?" I was so confused but went with it.

We come across a long, white table in the middle of the woods, the floor changed into sand. Rows and rows of my favorite food are aligned on it, mash potatoes, pizza, pasta, and much more were on it. It's like a dream out of a fairytale. I felt so embarrassed because I was still in my oversized hoodie. "I hope you like it beautiful," says Cameron while gesturing me toward a seat. The feast was only for me and him.

He stands in front of me, hesitates, and smiles at me. Cameron is... He is... Getting on one knee! I cover my mouth and my eyes get watery. He says, "Breannah Teagan Rae, you have made me feel over the moon. I love how you say "thank you" and when you sing in the shower. Your smile can cure cancer and it healed my wounds from the accident we had overcome together. You're the only girl I want to be with and die with. You're the best girlfriend in the world and I can't just take "girlfriend" any longer. I love your hugs and I remember the first moment we looked at each other. It felt like nothing else existed but you and I. It was like the world froze time. I wanna make even more memories with you. I know we're young, but I just can't let an awesome, beautiful, intelligent girl like you go away. Breannah, will you be my wife?" Cameron holds out a box with the most beautiful ring. I nod and hold out my hand. "A beautiful ring for a beautiful girl," Cam tells me.

 My family come in. I'm so shocked! Cameron whispered in my ear that he already told my Dad I was pregnant so I don't have to worry. I hug my Mom. She starts crying and wipes away my tear with her hand. 


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