Just Can't Get Over Him

Cameron Dallas and Breannah Rae are in love, but things take a turn for the worse when Bre meets Cameron's friend, Taylor Caniff.


13. Crazy For Caniff

My heart was thumping a zillion miles a minutes as we stepped into the plane. There was Taylor, me, and 4 other strangers. There was also 6 other people that are helping us reach the ground, one way or another.

I start hugging Taylor in a really tight hug for as long as I could. "I'm so excited," he tells me. He hands me his yellow bandanna and says, "For goodluck." I smile and hug it to my chest. I can't lose this so I tuck it in my pocket.

2 people jump off the plane... and another... and another... and another! Taylor and his helper are right behind me. The guy strapped to me was very puny. I glance back at Taylor and he gives me a thumbs up. My feet no longer feel a hard surface.

So me and this stranger are flying in mid-air, legs spread apart and he told me to keep my arms out so we can drift. Sooner or later, I see Taylor falling through the sky right next to me and he "swims" his way towards us. Our mouths were flapping and I couldn't help but laugh at Taylor. He looks so silly! I suddenly hear a BOOM and the parachutes expand. 

We land in a green field right next to the DR0P Z0N3. Good thing neither Taylor or I got hurt while trying to land. We unclip our heavy backpacks and we run toward each other. He embraces me, picks me up, and twirls me another. Our lips press on each other's. His hand holds my cheek and the wind blows my hair. To be honest the kiss was totally unplanned. It just happened. The sky was so blue and not a single speck of clouds were in sight. 

He stops kissing me, smiles, and says, "We gotta get goin'! It's almost 5:38, I have to meet up with Aaron at 6:15 for a Magcon Meeting so I have to drop you off." He had a sad face too. I never want to leave him. I nod and we get into his car. 

We're on the freeway and the song called Not Over You by Gavin Degraw starts playing. The radio started blasting "NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY IM NOT OVER YOU". The song started getting my mood up and I start singing as loud as I can in an ugly voice just to annoy Taylor. He glances at me and joins. As soon as we knew it, the volume was cranked up to it's highest volume and we were in front of my house. We get quiet when he stops the car. I stare at him and couldn't help but kiss him. His eyes melted me heart.

I pressed my body against his and placed my hands on his cheek. His tongue swirled around my mouth. This time he was trying to act naughty so my tongue was begging for entrance through his teeth. He gives in. We lay down on his seats slowly as he threw my shirt in the backseat. My eyes are closed the whole time. We slowly sit down again and I get on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck while he kisses around my breasts. We suddenly stopped when we saw a flash light shining near our car.

Turning around, it was just a lady jogging with her dog. Relieved. A picture of Cameron's face came into my head. "Taylor I got to go," I tell him while putting my shirt back on and grabbing my shirt. "Oh yeah yeah, sure. C'ya Bre," he replies and waves "bye". I wave back and step into my house. 

I'm in my bedroom having a sleepover with my best friend Rose Andrews. I am so jealous of her long brown hair! "So you really like this Taylor guys," she asks me. "Yeah, I guess. But a part of me just can't let go of Cameron," I reply.

"I feel ya."

"Is it even possible to feel this way about 2 different guys?"

"Love, yes. Fall in love, no. Don't choose the better guy, choose the guy that will make you the better girl."

I nod and stare at the ground. Ugh I just can't decide. I'll sleep on it and probably come up with an answer tomorrow. 

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