Just Can't Get Over Him

Cameron Dallas and Breannah Rae are in love, but things take a turn for the worse when Bre meets Cameron's friend, Taylor Caniff.


2. Crash

"Oh, I'm allergic to dairy," I try to say as politely as I could before Dallas pours me a glass of milk. "So Bre, what are your plans with Cameron along the road? And hows school going, I heard that there's no End Of The Year Test," questions Dallas.

"Well, we're still not sure and I'm all for kids because Cam has always wanted a few, oh and I am so glad that there will be no test at the end of the year. I heard that they're trying to get us used to another math system, I'm not sure."

"My little Cam has always wanted his own kiddos, I'm glad that you'll be the one carrying them. By the way, how's your babysitting job? Is Skylynn a hand full? Hahaha"

"Oh no, she's a sweet heart! I'm just glad that Nash trusts me with her. She's already speaking our slang, haha!"

"Okay, enough with the chit chat. Breannah and I have a date to go to and thankyou for the breakfast, Mom," interrupts Cam."Oh yeah, the date," winks Dallas while sipping from her coffee mug. "I love your Mom," I say as we make our way to Cam's car. It was not the best, considering that he's the happy go lucky type of guy. The way he'd hold my hand with his smooth and muscular arms was a feeling that nobody else could give me. He turns the key a few times until the engine starts running and we buckle our seat belts.

YAWN. "Cameron, it's 9:00AM and it's been 2 hours on the freeway, where are you taking me," I ask him as he turns on the radio. "I can't tell you! But to wake you up a little, let's listen to some music, babe," he replies. "Oh, one second. My friends calling," he adds as he searches for his phone and puts it on speaker.

"Hey Taylor!"

"What up, Cam. I'm here in California for 2 weeks for Magcon and I wanna crash at your place and finally meet Bre again. When was the last time I saw her, the 10th grade?"

"Man, I guess. I'll text you my address later, right now I'm taking Breannah somewhere, so I'll talk to you in a few, bro."

"Okayyy just don't get too cocky, bye. PUMA!"


I didn't realize that my face was pink until Cam teased me about it. "I haven't seen Taylor in FOREVER and I'm glad that you guys still have a strong bond no matter the distance, baby," I tell Cameron. 

"Yeah, I am too. Magcon is in two days at downtown Los Angeles. I'd be great if you can make it since you've never been to one before yet and it's a great way to meet my Magcon Family, the Jacks, Aaron, Carter, Matt, Shawn, and of course, Taylor. You've already met Nash, haha."

"Unfortunately I have, hahahaha!"

The radio starts blasting out the words "ITS GOING DOWN, YOU WON'T REMEMBER, I'LL BE THE ONE, YOU WON'T FORGET"

"Oh my fucking God I love this song," says Cameron as he makes the volume louder. He starts fist pumping and tells me, "Come on Bre, you know you love this song!"

"Babe, keep your hands on the wheel."

"You're being not yourself, babe."


By the time I opened my eyes the both of us were already fist pumping the roof of his car. Of course he was making sure that no cars were moving up, well, not really. "Bre," he says. "What?"

"I-I can't stop the car! I'm pressing my foot on the stop pedal but it's not-"

It was too late. The air bags smash our face with immense force and blood was dripping down my nose. All I heard were sirens, and seeing red blurry lines and Cameron laying 5 feet away from me not moving at all.

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