Just Can't Get Over Him

Cameron Dallas and Breannah Rae are in love, but things take a turn for the worse when Bre meets Cameron's friend, Taylor Caniff.


5. Cameron & Caniff

The door opens and Taylor and I turn around. It was Cameron and the boys. "Hey guys! Did you miss us," asks Cameron jokingly. The question got Taylor and I both worried and we paused, so I decided to do something. I nod and run up to hug Cam. I can only imagine how Taylor felt watching me hug Cam after what he and I just did not a while ago, but he cannot find out what went down.

"Hey, Dal," says Taylor while fist pumping Cam. A million things were going through my mind and my heart felt like it could run around Earth 1 million times in 1 second. I couldn't help but feel guilty, and I sure as hell wouldn't be able to choose between one of them. I mean, I haven't seen Caniff in a few years, I might as well get to know him a tad more just to make sure that he isn't a douche bag.


Cameron, Taylor, and I are the last people left. Cam's parents are out of town until February 2nd, so I might as well stay a bit longer. "Hahahahaha and once, he texted me this picture of him when he was in seventh grade! The guy looked silly with his camera on his head and a hot pink shirt," says Cameron. "Dude, that was seventh grade! I'm sure that the hat you were wearing backwards in one of your childhood pictures still fits, hahahahahaha," Taylor replies. "You guys are such dorks," I interrupt playfully. "Breannah, Taylor, I gotta go take a shower, save some popcorn when I get back you guys," Cameron says while going into the bathroom. "OKAY," we yell back, even though we told each other that we wouldn't save any for him, just to mess around.

 "I heard that you're a math geek," says Taylor in a calm voice while eating popcorn. "Shut up! Does it hurt for a gal to have a little brains," I reply while punching his shoulder.

"I am so glad that you aren't that type of chick that pretends to be dumb! I hate when girls do that to be honest."

"Well isn't good to be unique? How about you, lover boy, do you have a special girl?"

"Nah, not really. I'm not--, what do they call it again? Oh right, "boyfriend material". But if I like a chick, I'm all for a relationship. It's just that I haven't found that special girl yet, you know what I mean?"

"Mhmmm, I hope you'll find her soon, Caniff."

"What if I have?"

"Ohhh, who is it then?"


We're sitting on the living room floor with a BUNCH of blankets. Taylor nears my face and my lips meet his. We near the ground to my back and Taylor slowly pulls a blanket over us. "HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING," yells Cameron from the shower. "Good good," Taylor yells back while kissing me and rubbing my thigh. I see a bugle from the dim light under the covers and go for it. He snakes his arms, holding my waist while I playfully nibble his ear. "Tay-Ta-Taylor what if Cameron is done taking a bath," I say in a worried voice. "Don't worry about it, Bre," he says while sliding off my hair tie. The sound of water falling in the bathroom suddenly stops so Taylor and I quickly break away from each other and put our pajamas back on. We go back to facing the flat screen TV and watch The Heat.

"Heyyy, did you guys have fun without me," says Cameron while coming into the room and puts his muscular arms around me. Taylor and I exchange glances and says, "Pssshhh, how could we have a good movie night without you, Cam?!" "Haha," he replies while hitting his shoulder like a girl to mess around with him. "You guys are boobs," I say.


Taylor, Cameron, and I wake up. I'm sandwiched between Cam and Caniff. My stomach suddenly had a nauseating feeling so I rush into the bathroom and puke. Cam rushes into the bathroom while Taylor is still sleeping and says, "Babe, what's wrong? Why are you throwing up," while he pats my back and hands me a cloth to wipe my face. "I don't know and I was suppose to get my period today. I usually get it early in the morning. It hasn't came," I reply after drying my face. "I'll go buy you a pregnancy test," Cameron says while grabbing his car keys, jacket, and tells Taylor to take care of me while he's gone.

I sit on the couch to watch TV and Taylor sits next to me. He stares at my and says in a concerning voice, "Bre..." I look back at him and couldn't help but cry. He pulls me in for a hug. "What if I'm pregnant? I mean, I've always wanted kids but now at this age! I have a future to look forward to with school, I can't do this, Taylor," I say while I cry even more and wrap my arms around his neck. "Ssshhh," he replies while patting my back. "We'll get through this, Breannah," he adds. It made me less worried and I silently stop crying. We put our feet up on the coffee table while awkwardly watching the Titanic. "Did you know that they're going to rebuild the Titanic," Taylor says, trying to not make things awkward. Cameron unlocks the door and comes in with a little plastic bag, inside it was a pink box saying "First Response". I run toward Cameron to get the bag, thank him, and head for the bathroom.


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