Secret Letters

Jordan Taylor moves into Doncaster New England upon her first week she gets sent a letter from her secret love. She doesn't know who he is she has ideas. Every letter gives her a clue. Will it lead her to the right person or will it lead her to her doom.


4. The Metting

I sat in my room looking through history notes when heard mom calling from down stairs. I ran out of my room and went down the stairs into the living room and saw Louis sitting on the couch laughing with Tony. I looked at my mom then at dad. Mom walked up to me and smiled Louis turned to see me he stood up and smiled. 

"Honey Louis wants to take you out to dinner" my mom says with excitement 

"if you don't want to go love I understand" he says as he looks at my father

"No no it's fine um let me get my things" I say as I go back to my room and change from my tan flats to my tan high heels. 

Tony walks into my room and smiles at me. He sits on the edge of my bed and sighs.

"what" I say laughing 

"nothing it's just it seems like yesterday you where begging me to play barbies with you and now your a young women going out with a boy" 

"Oh calm down bro he's just a friend it's not like I'm going to come home pregnet" I joked I grabbed my bag and walked out Tony following behind me.

As I walked down the stairs Louis was waiting in the front steps with my parents. It felt awkward strange I wasn't dating him or anything he was just my friend. I said goodbyes to my parents and my brother and walked out into Louis car. As we drove I looked out the window looking out at the stairs and the lights. I could feel his eyes on me it wasn't the creepy way though more of the warm and kind way. I turned to look at him and smiled making him blush. 

"So where are we going" I say as I look at him

"well I was think about this really good Japanese place sushi maybe" he says

"hold up you like sushi" I say 

"well I'm trying to like it" he says laughing

"don't worry I like sushi so ill share with you what I think is good in my plate" I laugh

he shakes his head laughing. The whole drive to the sushi place was filled with luaghs. I swear if Louis toke a chance he could be a comedian. We takes about our childhood and our most emderassing moments. I feel like I can tell him anything he was becoming one of my Bestfriends which is pretty odd I have never had a boy Bestfriend boyfriends yes totally but Bestfriend never. I was glad he was going to be my first guy Bestfriend it seem awesome. 

When we got to the sushi place we sat down away from everyone a couple of girls recognized him. When he headed for the table he held my hand as two girl walked up to him they backed away a little when they saw our fingers intwined together. When we sat down I look down at the table.

"I'm sorry if I mad you feel unconfterble love" he says

"no it's fine it's just no guy has ever held my hand that I haven't dated or am dating" 

"oh" he says as he looks at the menu "it scares away the fans" he says trying to explain.

"It's fine really I understand" I say smiling 


"yes" I saw laughing. As I look at the menu I hear Louis make an eww noise I look up him. I raise my eyebrows "what"

"orgasum" he says his eyes wide


"no I'm seriouse there a type of sushi called the orgasum"

"oh wow I thought you meant....never mind" I luagh I can fell myself get hot

"your a nasty young lady" he say as he laughs

"what?!" I say as I laugh 

"Can I ask you one wierd question" he says putting his menu down

"yeah" I say kind of scared 

"are you having an orgasum is that why you thought wrong" he grins

"What no! What's wrong with you" I say as I cover my face with the menu 

" just making sure sorry" 

" oh my god there's something wrong with you I think you should get your brain checked" 

"I did they said It was filled sexiness"

I couldn't stop laughing Louis was the only boy next to Tony that could get me put of my shy zone. The while time I was having fun joking around and stuff. I was sad when it was time to go home I wished I had more time with him.


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