Secret Letters

Jordan Taylor moves into Doncaster New England upon her first week she gets sent a letter from her secret love. She doesn't know who he is she has ideas. Every letter gives her a clue. Will it lead her to the right person or will it lead her to her doom.


5. Second Letter

I wake up with a smile not because I'm in love with Louis oh god no but because I made a good friend. It's been a while since I made a friend so fast it's fun actually. I get ready for school getting in the shower for some reason I sing. Doing my make up, curling my hair, getting dressed I sing. I made two new friends Louis, Tracy and who can forget about Jake that boy was oh my god. I made my down stairs with a joyful expression on my face Tony smiled when I kissed him on the cheek. I found my mother standing next to the cafe pot and spinned her around.

"Whoa so I'm guessing the date went well" says my mother as she laughs

"First off mother it wasn't a date it was a freandly dinner plus he's just my friend mother that's all." I say as I wait for Tony to get up and take me to school.

"Well that's all it better be" Tony says as he gets up.

The drive to school was pleasant Tony didn't mention the 'date' and we drive in silence. I love the way the quiet is its like I'm sleeping but in awake if that makes any sense at all. Tony drops me off in the front and I get off. I zip up my purple hoodie and look at my outfit before I walk in. I was wearing black jeans white converse a white t-shirt with a puple hoodie to compliment it. I walked up into the building into te cafeteria where Tracy saw me and ran up to me.

"Hey Jordan" she says as she hugs me "I want you to met some of my friends"
Se grabs my hand and pulls me to her table. It's filled with two girls a three boys. Hey each smile at me.

"Hi there" say a girl with blue eyes and black hair

"Hey your pretty" says a girl with beachy blonde hair

"Thank you" I say as I sit down 

"This is heather" says Tracy as she points to the girl that called me pretty "this is Alexa" she says gesturing to the girl with blue eyes. "This is Mark" she says looking at a boy with black hair made into a quiff. " and this my bestie" she say as she walks over to the boy with long blonde hair and hazel eyes and sits on his lap "this is Matt" 

I smile and say hi to them they are equally as nice as her. When I turn around I see jake asking me to go to talk to him. I tell them I have to go and I get up as walk his way. When I reach him he stands up and hugs me. 

"Wow you made peace with the tree hugers" he says as he sits down

"The tree what?" I ask as I sit done next to him

"Noah please explain" he says to a boy with long brown hair 

"Well the tree hugers are a bunch of green peace kids there all about saving the world and be green" he says as he turns to look at them 

"Well there not that bad" I say looking at jake

"Ha well you should have seen then last spring-" say as boy with long blonde hair

"Shut up chase" says jake cutting him off.

I don't ask anymore questions I just simply get up and go. I walk towards my locker where agian a note slips out. I grab it from the floor and open it once again it's not the same one I toke it home and put it in a book.

Hey love I wish I got to spend more time with you I know we barley met and all but I wish we can just do something together the two of us. Not just a quick hi and bye but a real one a date I mean. I know you don't know who I am but I hope when I give you the last letter you will understand and fall into my arms like I have dreamed.

                                                                                         ~ love anon.


 What the hell I thought creeper. I threw the note into my locker ignore it once again as soon as I was about to close it I saw a hit of red hiding. I moved one of my books and saw a red rose waiting for me to pick it up. When I did I smelled it and smiled it brought me so much joy yet so much sorrow not knowing who this person was. I spent all day thinking about it but when choir came I was distracted by the banter of Louis. He made everyone laugh and he would look and smile at me from time to time. There was something about him but I just can't seem to point it out. 

It's like he's trying to tell me something but I can't see through the blurred lines. It's like he's showing me something and I can't see it. I shouldn't be thinking this way Louis Is a good person. I need to trust him and that's what I plan on doing.


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