Secret Letters

Jordan Taylor moves into Doncaster New England upon her first week she gets sent a letter from her secret love. She doesn't know who he is she has ideas. Every letter gives her a clue. Will it lead her to the right person or will it lead her to her doom.


2. New Friends?

 I was getting ready to go to Ms.Tomlinsons house. In reality I didn't want to but my mother became really good friends with her so I thought it would be fair not to argue. As I looked through my make up bag I applied eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I walked over to my closet and looked for an outfit. I found this pretty dress that was green blue on top peach in the middle and tan in the bottom if was one of those nice free flowing dresses. I picked out my brown cowboy boots and set then aside. I turned on my curling iron as I put music on. As I finished doing my hair I heard screams. I dropped my curling iron on the floor of the bathroom and ran down stairs.

When I finally got down I saw my mom in tears and in the front door was my brother Tony back from Irake. I covered my mouth with my hands tears started to build but if I cried I would ruin my make up so I held it in. I ran into his arms as he lifted me up and spinned me around. I placed a kiss on his cheek as he put me down. My mother walked him up to his room and I followed behind heading to my room. I was excited, on the verge of crying we haven't seen Tony for three years he left when I was fourteen he was my Bestfriend. 

I got dressed I put fantasy by Britney Spears perfume on. I ran down stairs to find my mother in a lace purple dress and both my father and brother in nice cardigan sweaters with kaki pants. This is how my family normaly dresses when we go out we like to look presentable. We walk out it's nigh time and the stars are out it looks beautiful. 

My father drives until he comes to a house mob by girls I don't know what's going on. So when me and my family get out I stay close to Tony. He wraps his arms around making me feel safe he's such a good brother. When we knock on the door two girls twins I suppose answer the door. They smile at us and let us in we walk into what looked like the dinning room. My mother had gone with johana to help her set up.  A boy with long brow hair and blue/green eyes walks in his eyes met mine not looking away. I look down at the floor not wanting to hold the gaze

"hi am Louis Tomlinson" he extends a hand out to my father and smiles

"hello son"

He looks at tony "hi lad"

"hi tony"

Then he looks at me "Louis love"


After we are done introducing ourselves johana and my mother walk into the room with plates full of food. We sit down Tony to my right Louis to me left. It's was odd having my brother and a boy who I think likes me sitting next to me. After dinner I walked outside to get fresh air I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and saw Louis walking towards me he shrugged making me smile.

"so what's up with all the girls" I say as me and him sit down on the grass



"oh right your from America I'm in a boy band called one direction" he says almost laughing

"oh really well that explains all the girls" I say as I look at his eyes

"yeah I guess it surprised me thatthey haven't   tried   to break into my house."

"wow" I laugh

"really it's scary there vicious"


I liked Louis for some reason he was funny I liked him as a friend but nothing more. There was something oh his eyes telling me he wanted more more of what I was giving him. I'm not ready to share things with him not until I know I can trust him. There's something in his eyes telling me that I can trust him and I need to have faith in him.







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