Secret Letters

Jordan Taylor moves into Doncaster New England upon her first week she gets sent a letter from her secret love. She doesn't know who he is she has ideas. Every letter gives her a clue. Will it lead her to the right person or will it lead her to her doom.


1. New beginnings

I'm sitting on an air plane moving from New York to Doncaster New England. I didn't want to move I would be leaving my friends and family. My father got a job promotion and we had to move here. My fathers in the marciting business and as you can see England is one o our suppliers when it comes to materials. I had my headphones on so I couldn't hear my mother all I know from what I can see she was talking to a very young lady. They where laughing my mother was having a good time my father was talking to the gentle men right behind us. My parents you see are very social something I'm not. I'm more of the shy type if you right away try to talk to me you scare me away. 

My mother know how I am so she's always trying to make me met new people but in the end I don't really have a conversation with them. I love the fact that my mom tries it shows that she cares, but sometimes I really want her to stop. She sees me looking at her and smiles at me. She's introducing me to the lady so I take out an earbud.

"Jordan this is Ms.Tomlinson"

"Oh please call me Joahan" she says as she smiles

"Um hi ima j-Jordan" I say nervously 

she can tell I'm a shy person because she leave me alone and goes back to the conversation between her and my mother. I'm glad she turned around I wasn't used to this kind of things and my mother kept pushing and pushing. I closed my eyes filling the empty sound with peirce the veil, sleeping with sirens, and 5SOS.

I felt something pull out of my ear and when I opened my eyes I saw my mom. She nodded telling me it was time to get off. As I walked down the isle of the air plane still half asleep u bumped into a boy with long dirty blonde hair. I stepped back as soon as we touched.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was-" I start to say 

He cuts me off "it's fine love" 

"really are you sure"

"well I can forgive such a beautiful girl like you. By the looks of it people can't stay mad at you"

I blushed a little he was hitting on me and he knew he was having an affect on me. I looked at the floor I didn't know what to say so I stayed silent moments after I heard someone yell.


"oh that's me I better" says Jake as he starts to walk away 

wait I didn't catch your name" he hesitates 

"I- it's um Jordan yup that's my name Jordan" I sounded so stupid.

He smiled and walked away thank god he didn't laugh. I felt so stupid the fact that I was nervouse didn't help me introduce myself and plus he was hott. As I walked out with my parents they laughed and talked the whole way out. My parents are very carefree there funny it's crazy how they get along they have never gotten Into a fight and hey have never been mad at each other. 

Finally after and hour of driving we got to this two story tan house with a fountain in the entrance and the house surrounded by land, tress, grass and bordered by a white fence. When we got to the gate my father put in numbers in a white box opening the doors. As we drove in I looked around at the scenery the yard it self was beautiful and the house I couldn't wait to see inside. When we parked I grabbed my luggage and walked inside the house's main entrance was big with two stair cases and small table in between. A door to the left and a door to the right. I walked up the stair case on the right and went up to the second door.

I right away new it was my room I had mostly all my things in place my bed was made my desk was in place my closet was organized with clothes and there was bathroom door next to my bed, there was a balcony in the back of the room. I walked out onto the balcony letting the fresh air fill my lungs. I looked out say a massive pool plan tress surrounding it, huge piece of land made up of hills and a mini lake with water shouting out of the center. This was paradise oh man how fast I'm going to get used to this.

i was sleepy so I went back to my room set my things aside and laid down.  I fell into a deep sleeping a matter of minutes when my mother woke me up.

"Honey Miss Tomlinson was nice enough to invite us for dinner so get ready and get pretty darling "

"oh great" I said peretendinnig to be excited.







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