Secret Letters

Jordan Taylor moves into Doncaster New England upon her first week she gets sent a letter from her secret love. She doesn't know who he is she has ideas. Every letter gives her a clue. Will it lead her to the right person or will it lead her to her doom.


3. First Letter

I woke up to the sound of my alarm shit I thought it was the first day of school and I I didn't get up now I would be late. I didn't what I was going I wear but I all I know is I have to hurry. I can't afford to be late not on my first day.  I quickly get in the shower and let the warm water relax my muscles. When I finished I quickly turned on my curling iron and put on sweets and a t-shirt while I did my hair. I dried it fast and curled my hair adding hairspray where I needed it. I added make up as usual black liner mascara and lipstick. I went into my closet found a pair of skinny jeans, a mint lace blouse and tan flats. 

When I got down stairs I found Tony waiting for me by the door. He drive me to Withering high which looked like a pretty big school. When I walked up te front steps of the school all eyes where on me I kept my head down trying not to catch so much attention. When I walked up to my locker #125 a note slipped out.

Hey hope you have a good day today you look beautiful just as you did yesterday I'm not who you think I am I wouldn't make it that obviouse I'm glad your here when I heard you where going to be coming here I freaked out. I hope we can become good friends.

                                                              ~love anon.

I didn't pay much attention to the note I put it back in my locker getting out my schedule. Before I could open it I heard someone say my name.

"Jordan is that you?" 

I turn and see Jake walking up to me two boys right next to him

"Jake hi" I said as I hugged him

"I didn't think I would be seeing you here" he smiles 

"yeah me neither crazy right"

"totally anyways I got to go" he says as he smiles and steps back

"okay bye" I say as he leaves 

I finally get to look at my schedule:

1st period 8:30-9:45 - English 

2nd period 9:50-10:45- science 

3rd period 10:45- 12:00 -history 

4th period 12:05-12:30- band


5th period 1:05-2:20- choir

6th period 2:25-3:45 math

Everything looked like it was in place as I went from class to class. Next was band I play the flute I sat next to a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She smiled at me "hi I'm Tracy"

"Jordan" I nod

"you not from here aren't you" she cocks her head to the side in curiosity

"yeah" I smile

"cool I can tell we are going to be best friends" she says as she faces the front of the class.

The door opens and I see Louis hurry in and sit down in the teachers chair. What the hell is going on I think as Louis takes out a laptop. He takes attendance and tells us he's our band president. That's wierd I thought Louis sings I guess I was wrong. He sat down by the piano and played a tune I didn't recognize. I stood up and walked up towards him. I put my hand on his shoulder making him stop and look up at me.

"wow I thought you sang" I said 

"I do sing but I can also play the piano" he smiles


"yeah love if I were you I would go sit in you seat before Evamarie gets here" I turned and saw Tracy  standing behind me. Who's Evamarie and why should I be scared of her .

"who's that?" I ask as we walk out of class I had held it all day. 

"Oh did you see the girl that was all over Lou the red head, big tits, skinny body yeah her she's like obsessed with him it's freaky." 

"Uh yeah" I luagh

she looks at me as luaghs along we really are going to e good friends. We past Jake going into the lunch room. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Tracy looked at me and raised her eyebrows I rolled my eyes and pushed her playfully.

The rest of the was fun but hard yeah sure I met new people but it was just hard for me to actually have a conversation with them. Tracy in the other hand was easier to talk to she always asked questions . She nodded her head to show you that she was listening . I had seen Louis in choir but it wasn't the same he was more careful how he approached me. It was different but his eyes where still the same filled with love and compassion.







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