Is This Right?

Natia was always the quiet nice girl, perfect grade A's got excepted into Brown for her lifelong dream Dancing, Natia saved her hole life for this moment, but she cant get a Student lone big enough for tuition, with no other option will she use her gift to for-fill her life dream or will someone save her before shes in over her head.


4. Trial

I spent all afternoon practicing with the pole and having a good time met a couple of girls, some had such sad storys but others were here just to pay the bills, they all say the Owner Mr Wightman is a great guy, looks after you, keeps you safe, but he wont touch you its his rule, No woman has ever gotten past friends with him, but everyones tried, he must be something special.


It hits 9pm, people are starting to come in so Saffire brings over a platter of shots and all the girls walk over and have one, theres one left and i realise its for me, feeling stupid i walk over and grab it and Saffire says "dont worry youll do great" and with that she takes my hand and leads me onto the dance floor.


All those dancing lessens seem like they didnt even happen once your on that floor i felt frozen it wasnt until Saffire started moving my hips and dancing around me did i snap out of it, when i started to dance though it was like the music was all that mattered it took over, The men made it obvious when they wanted a dance, and they pay $100 per song club rules, i seemed popular, the club wass busier than i expected, it is a sunday night after all.


As the night  progressed and the men got drunker and drunker i noticed them getting more rough with the girls and the men trying to grab and pull thats when Saffire grabbed me and took me out the back. "Your shift can end we have an odd crowd tonight not our usual lot, we dont want you to get the wrong impression of our clientele from tonight i promise next time will be better, Carrie will be in touch."

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