Is This Right?

Natia was always the quiet nice girl, perfect grade A's got excepted into Brown for her lifelong dream Dancing, Natia saved her hole life for this moment, but she cant get a Student lone big enough for tuition, with no other option will she use her gift to for-fill her life dream or will someone save her before shes in over her head.


6. The Date

Im nervous, a date, its been so long, he arrived at exacly 7 i walk down the stairs to greet him and he has a dozen red roses, never have i been given those before i was in awe.

"these are for you beautiful"

"thank you so much there perfect"

"im glad there fitting than, shall we?"

"where are we going?"

"that is a surprise"

we drive into the city so many bright lights, the car is amazing a mustang i think completely black with red trimmimgs and seats on the inside, custom i think which seems a bit pricy for any uni kid, everything about him seems expensive.

we arrive at a french resturant, i dont understand the name, the valet takes the car while we are seated, its a beautiful resturant, everything looks to be made of gold and crystal ive never been anywhere this nice before. Kirk orders a bottle of wine and a selection of canepes.

"do you like the place?"

"its beautiful, thank you"

"you are quiet alright, a lady like you deserves to eat at beautiful places"

"you are so kind, i find it hard to believe your only a student though, you seem too polite"

"i will admit, im not quiet a student, but i do learn from the school"

"what does that mean?"

"im a local bussines owner, i graduated last year and continue to help and learn from the school"

" what sort of business do you run?"

" a dance club"


"enough about me, how about youself?"

"well i study dance"

" ah one of your many abilitys im sure"

"thank you so what about your club?"

"you are familiar with it, i believe we just interviewed you"

"Mr Wightman"


"but you dont get envolved with woman"

"but you are something special, i believe"



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