Is This Right?

Natia was always the quiet nice girl, perfect grade A's got excepted into Brown for her lifelong dream Dancing, Natia saved her hole life for this moment, but she cant get a Student lone big enough for tuition, with no other option will she use her gift to for-fill her life dream or will someone save her before shes in over her head.


2. New Things...

I decide to book an interview with the most elite strippers in Rhode Island, These girls were said to make up to $5000 on a good night, At least if i'm doing it im doing it with class.


Josh and I's party is tonight and pretty much our whole school and some Brown students are coming, it's gunna be biig. We have enough food and alcohol to sustain an entire army, we are coming in with style.


The party was a massive success, Josh and I both found frat houses that sound promising, and i even met a cute guy to meet with when i'm there although he looked a little older than the average college kid, i wonder what his story is?

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