Is This Right?

Natia was always the quiet nice girl, perfect grade A's got excepted into Brown for her lifelong dream Dancing, Natia saved her hole life for this moment, but she cant get a Student lone big enough for tuition, with no other option will she use her gift to for-fill her life dream or will someone save her before shes in over her head.


3. Interview

I met with a woman although i read a male owned the place maybe shes a fill in?

"Hi, I'm Carrie, Dance Coordinator the boss is out today sick but was pleased with your experience and if you can please me you can have the job, so show me what you've got."

*I Could Be The One- Avicii Blares Through The Speakers and you start dancing your very best*

"I can see why he's interviewing you, you need some work but.. How about a trial tonight and ill decide than, we hold dancing classes i suggest you partake in one for the afternoon, and love be prepared its not all glitter and magic, ill assign a girl to look after you."

"Thank you for giving me the chance-

"Don't thank me yet *Yells Saffire*

"Yes Maam?"

"Show Natia the ropes, The Costumes, The Dance Classes and show her the Specials Rooms and Saffire look after her tonight."

"Yes maam" Laughing

"Stop calling me maam, you'll scare her off" Laughing as she walks away.



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