Is This Right?

Natia was always the quiet nice girl, perfect grade A's got excepted into Brown for her lifelong dream Dancing, Natia saved her hole life for this moment, but she cant get a Student lone big enough for tuition, with no other option will she use her gift to for-fill her life dream or will someone save her before shes in over her head.


5. First Day

It's our first day, the weather is perfect, Im ready for college

*honk honk* Josh is here

"hey Josh, Excited?"

"Hell Yeah"

as we arrive theirs people everywhere hugging, playing sports or instruments it was quiet a sight as we went and found where our classes were and organized where to meet we were due for our first lecture.

during our first break i ran into that cute guy again, i think his name was Kirk he spots me and comes over

"I almost thought i wouldn't see you, Natia wasn't it?"
"Yes, i thought the exact same thing, how have you been?"

"well feeling a bit rejected you see, i gave this pretty girl my number and she never texted me and well i thought we really kicked it off" smiling a dazzling smile

"hahaha oh i'm sorry i've just been so busy, how about i give you my number and than the balls in your court" smiling back handing him my number

"Indeed" and walks away

*buzzzzzz buzzzzz*


pick you up @ 7

Kirk (;

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