like brother like sister

I hate you I said to my brother well I love you sis he said I never though I would love him as a brother until today


2. you came

You came I yelled I hugged him I love you I'm so sorry are you ok I said me too he said it was harry I loved him I never ment it you know I don't hate you harry

I know don't worry he said

Harry's pov

Hey well I can't belive I'm going to say this but the doctor let me out but what I ment is be at he hospital

When I woke up I didn't see my baby sis she left mom where is Priscilla I said oh dear I'm sorry she left home early I'm sorry she said

I got up since the doctor let me leave and ran for my sister ofcourse carefully I'm still a little sore if my sister wasn't there the doctor said I would've been killed cause see my sister actually also got hurt except there's a little secret when she gets hurt but someone who she loves gets less hurt her pain suddenly goes away it's weird

When I arrived the door was open and you can hear cries of my sister

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