like brother like sister

I hate you I said to my brother well I love you sis he said I never though I would love him as a brother until today


1. i hate you

I hate you I said as the wind blew through my brownish blondish hair went on my green/blue/brown eyes harry kept laughing why are you laughing I said Because you should of seen your face he said. Well guess what styles I hate I hate I never want to see you in my life ever again I said and ran away to the streets and then harry followed me

But what I didn't ever knew was that he was going to end up like this Harry I said in tears he got hit by a car who knows if he survives I said in tears then I ran ran away from all my problems

But I forgot to wait for the cars but I left I didn't care al I wanted was harry I didn't care what happened to me I just wanted my brother back my other half he was my Everything I loved my brother I went home got the keys from my front pocket and opened the door and then i shut door and ran upstairs and opened my bedroom door and open that one and jumped on my bed and hugged my tears and cried myself out WHY ME I YELLED

But then someone opens the door someone who I never thought would come

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