Little London Girl

Little Blu Mathews is a 18-year old girl living alone in a flat in London. One day she meets three girls in a coffee shop and they invite her to dinner with their boyfriends. When the three girls try to set her up with a friend, a blonde, Irish friend, what will happen? Will Blu be able to deal with the hate? Will Blu become a certain someone's little London girl?


4. When They're Gone

We end up playing FIFA for a good two hours. Then my stomach rumbles, because we were supposed to go out for dinner and I was hungry. He chuckles, "well looks like somebody is hungry."

I blush and nod, "yeah, we were supposed to go out to eat, but I guess not." I giggle.

"C'mon, I'll make us some sandwiches," he says and grabs my hand. We get up and walk to the kitchen.

Niall's POV

Almost as soon as she's done eating she falls asleep on my shoulder. Poor girl, they just left the two of us alone, but I'm okay with that. She's really pretty and sweet. Once I'm done with my food I carefully pick her up and take her upstairs to my room. I set her down on my bed and try to call Harry. He finally answers.

"Do you need anything? I'm not supposed to be talking to you," Harry quickly whispers.

"Where did y'all go? I'm here alone with a girl I barely know asleep in my bed, what the hell?!" I exclaim quietly, trying not to wake Blu up.

"We will be back soon, I gotta go before the girls see me, bye," he says then hangs up before I can say anything else. I sigh fall back onto the bed, slowly drifting off.


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