Little London Girl

Little Blu Mathews is a 18-year old girl living alone in a flat in London. One day she meets three girls in a coffee shop and they invite her to dinner with their boyfriends. When the three girls try to set her up with a friend, a blonde, Irish friend, what will happen? Will Blu be able to deal with the hate? Will Blu become a certain someone's little London girl?


2. Shopping

After we finish our coffee Perrie says, "would you like to come shopping with us?"

"Sure, sounds like fun!" Blu exclaims. We all laugh and hook arms then begin our walk to the mall. Once we get there we decide to go into the fancy dress shop. Louis said that we all need to find nice dresses because tonight the boys are taking us out for dinner tonight. We are rummaging through the racks when Blu calls me over to where she is standing.

"Eleanor! Come over here!" She calls and I jog over to where she is standing. She holds up a short burgundy dress with one strap and has silver sparkles lining it.

"Oh my gosh!!" I squeal, "it's perfect!!" I run over to the dressing room with Blu hot on my tail. We arrive just in time to see Perrie walk out in a black tank top loose high low dress.

"How does it look?" She asks twirling around.

"You look great Perrie!!" Blu exclaims causing Perrie to smile. It's amazing how we are already such great friends even though we only met like an hour ago. Sophia runs up and hands Blu a dress.

"Go try it on, you are coming to dinner with us tonight," Perrie says shoving her into a dressing room.

"She is?" I ask and Sophia nods.

"I texted Liam," she simply states and I smile.

Perrie whispers, "ok, can we please talk about how perfect Blu is for Niall?"

"Oh my gosh!" I whisper/yell, "I know right!! They would be so cute together!!"

"Um guys?" Blu says uneasily, "I'm not sure about this."

"Don't worry Blu," Perrie says reassuringly, "I'm sure you look great." Blu walks out wearing a dress with a red top, a white skater skirt, and triangle cut out of the sides.

I gasp, "oh my gosh Blu!! You look adorable!!"

"It looks fantastic!!" Perrie exclaims and Blu blushes.

"It's settled, I'm buying you that dress for tonight," Sophia says.

"Oh no no no you don't have to buy it!!" Blu exclaims, but it's no use arguing with Sophia when it comes to clothes. After Sophia tries on a tight strapless white dress we get the dresses and take Blu to the guys flat to get ready.

"Now," I say, "I'm warning you, these boys are crazy." She raises her eyebrows and giggles. I open the door and that's when Blu screams.


So how do you like it so far?!

I'm looking for a character!!

-Harry's girlfriend

If you want to apply for the part as Harry's girlfriend follow these simple instructions:

-facial features






-3 hobbies

-2 dislikes

-how you want to meet everybody

PUT YOUR APPLICATION IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I repeat: IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!

I will keep the contest open until I find somebody that I like and I will let you know when the contest is over.

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