Little London Girl

Little Blu Mathews is a 18-year old girl living alone in a flat in London. One day she meets three girls in a coffee shop and they invite her to dinner with their boyfriends. When the three girls try to set her up with a friend, a blonde, Irish friend, what will happen? Will Blu be able to deal with the hate? Will Blu become a certain someone's little London girl?


3. Crazy Intros

Perrie's POV

As soon as Eleanor opens the doors I see a naked Harry, then Blu screams. I shield her eyes and snap, "HARRY!!! Put some damn clothes on!!!" He runs upstairs and I lead Blu to the couch.

"Eleanor, when you said these boys are crazy, you were right," she says, in a complete state if shock.

"Perrie is she okay?" Zayn asks walking over to me and placing an arm around me.

"I, erm, I think so, after se gets over the shock," I chuckle. Eleanor rubs Blu's back as Louis brings some water.

"Are you alright love?" Louis asks and Blu nods. That's when Niall walks down the stairs.

"Lou, mate, what happened? I heard a scream and Harry won't come out of his room," he says then stops walking when he sees Blu. "Question retracted."

I check the time on my phone, "ooh, girls it's already four!! We need to go get ready!!"

"Oh, and by the way everybody, this is Blu!!!" Eleanor exclaims before we drag her upstairs.

"How come you guys weren't surprised?" Blu asks and we shrug.

"I guess we come over here so often it's just normal," Sophia says chuckling.

"How could that ever be normal?" Blu says. She shivers and asks, "where's the bathroom?"

Sophia points to the door, "in there." Almost as soon as she walks in there, "we need to set her and Niall up."

"Agreed," I whisper, "but how?"

Eleanor smirks, "I've got an idea." We whisper back and forth about the plan until Blu walks out. I text all the boys except Niall about our plan.

Once we all are done getting ready, we walk downstairs to see the boys sitting on the couch. I guess giving Blu a pair of my heels was a mistake because when she gets to the bottom of the stairs she trips and falls, but Niall catches her just in time.

Blu's POV

Niall catches me just in time after I trip in Perrie's heels.

"Hey," he says smiling after making eye contact with me.

"Hi," I say, blushing, "I'm Blu." He pulls me up into my feet and steadies me.

"I'm Niall," he says chuckling.

"Ok, maybe heels were a bad idea," Perrie chuckles and I nod. "I have a pair of black converse in my room." I nod and attempt to walk upstairs until Niall just scoops me up into his arms and carries me upstairs.

"Thanks Niall, that probably would've been a disaster," I chuckle and he smiles. Once we get to Perrie's room Niall sets me down on the bed and goes to get the shoes from the closet. He comes back and takes off my heels and slips on the converse causing me to blush. "Thanks Niall."

"No problem princess," he smirks. I jump off the bed and we walk downstairs to the living room, which is completely empty.

"Um, Eleanor?" I call. No answer. "Where did they go?"

"I have no clue," Niall says walking to the kitchen, "try calling then!" I call Perrie, no answer. Then Eleanor, no answer. Last is Sophia, no answer.

"None of them answered," I say as he walks back into the living room.

"Neither did any of the guys," he says. I sigh and plop down on the couch. Niall sits next to me and we just sit there in silence. "Do you like video games?"

"Yeah, do you have FIFA?" I ask.

He chuckles, "of course." He gets up, puts in FIFA, and hands me a controller.

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