Little London Girl

Little Blu Mathews is a 18-year old girl living alone in a flat in London. One day she meets three girls in a coffee shop and they invite her to dinner with their boyfriends. When the three girls try to set her up with a friend, a blonde, Irish friend, what will happen? Will Blu be able to deal with the hate? Will Blu become a certain someone's little London girl?


5. Concert and a New Friend

*1 week later*

Blu's POV

"El!!" I'm in a bathtub soaking wet with the shower running. I open the curtain to see her standing there laughing.

"You slept till three," she chuckles, "we have to get ready for the concert."

I sigh and roll my eyes, "well get out, since I'm already wet I might as well take a shower." She smiles, obviously proud of her work, and walks out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. I strip down and turn the shower back on. I wash my hair and body quickly and step out. I wrap a towel around me and walk to my room. We are currently at my flat, El, Sophia, and Perrie are staying with me for a while. I put on some underwear and walk to my closet. I pick out black skinny jeans, a plain grey v-neck shirt, and a dark green oversized jumper. I slip those on and brush out my hair, leaving it down. I grab my burgundy doc martins and a pair of socks and put them on. I grab my phone and walk into the living room.

"Alright, let's go," I say. The nod and we walk out the door.

Once we get to the concert we meet the guys in their dressing room.

"Hello!!" El shouts, beaming with excitement. All guys look towards us and smile. Niall walks over to me shirtless and kisses my cheek.

"Hi sweetheart," he whispers in my ear causing me to blush.

"Hello Ni," I smile. He slips a shirt on and wraps his arms around me from behind, placing his head on my shoulder.

I giggle and Harry moans, "I've got to get a girlfriend!" He walks out the door and opens it, causing a girl to go flying onto him causing them both to fall down.

"Oh my fucking gosh I'm so sorry!!" Harry exclaims.

"Language Styles!!" Eleanor shouts, "Blu still has some innocence left!!" She covers my ears and I smile. She protects me like a little sister. I uncover my ears and walk over to the girl and help her up.

"Hi, I'm Blu," I greet her, shaking her hand.

"Hi, I'm Nya, but you can call me NJ," she beams. She is considerably taller than me, then again I'm really short. She has pin strait jet black hair, and brown eyes.

"I believe you've already met Mr. Styles here," I giggle and she blushes.

"Yeah, sorry about that," NJ says.

"Oh it's no problem love," Harry says, "if anything it was my fault."

"Not arguing with that," Lou mumbles and we all softly laugh.

"Well what are you dining back here NJ?" I ask.

"I'm the new intern," she smiles, "I'm training to become a stage manager."

"That's awesome!" Eleanor exclaims, "so you'll be joining the guys for the whole tour?" NJ nods and all the boys smile.


Sorry about such a short chapter!!! I've got writers block!!

And sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy with soccer and stuff.

I'll try to update when I can!

Bye loves!!!

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