Story of my life

A young teen falls in love with a band member


2. Boyfriends

The next day was the first day of my 3rd year of high school. This time I woke up to my alarm. "5 more minutes." I mumbled. Then I got up. I walked down for breakfast. "So mom what are we having today." I asked "Oh sorry sweetie I have work today, you have to make your own breakfast." She pleaded. "I'm eating at school today." "Ok that's fine with me." Then Molly walked down with her book bag, she was already done and was going early. I pulled her against a wall. "What were you doing with John yesterday." "Listen Vic he said if I didn't pull down my top he was gonna throw a blade at me, it was huge there would be no way it couldn't hit me." "Are you sure."I questioned . "Yes, I'm sure." I pulled away she walked right out the door. After I took a shower brushed my hair and teeth I walked to school. Next thing I see is Molly making out with John behind the hedges. I walked over there and said,"What the hell are you doing." Then John pulled out his blade and said,"Tell anyone I'm gonna kill you both." Molly looked up at me in despair. I backed up and whent straight into school. My boyfriend was in the hall way with a box of chocolates and flowers I stopped by him and gave him a kiss. "Honey these are for you baby." David my boyfriend said. Suddenly a worried look appeared on my face. "Are you ok Vic. He asked concernedly. "Actually ." I said nervously. "You know that kid John I used to date, well he's threatening Molly and me."I whispered. "Hun, I'll talk to him ok you stay here." He told. "Ok, don't  get killed." "I'll try not to." He joked. After about 30 minutes I started to feel like something is wrong so I was walking down the hall to where Johny was kissing my  sis and before I got there I saw my boyfriend in the girls locker room kissing Taylor  Channing. So I said,"What the hell is going on." He looked fast and got off her. I began to cry I threw my flowers and chocolates on the ground in through with you. Then I ran off.

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